Future Professionals

YPFP’s Future Professionals Tier offers college undergraduates who aspire to a career in foreign policy, international relations, and global affairs the opportunity to become part of a global network of future leaders.

Joining YPFP as a Future Professional member gives students an edge as they launch their careers.

The Future Professionals Tier provides undergraduates:

  • Knowledge and insights for planning and launching a foreign policy career.
  • Tips and tricks for becoming a successful young professional working in foreign policy or global affairs.
  • Exposure to successful young leaders who overcame the challenges of breaking into foreign policy and global affairs.
  • Access to online resources that give students an edge in finding and landing a foreign policy job or internship.
  • Access to a global network of colleagues, collaborators, and friends.

For $20 annually, Future Professionals receive:

  • Access to conference calls in which experienced young professionals working in foreign policy share their experiences and perspectives on foreign policy careers and answer questions across all topics.
  • Mentorship from YPFP staff, members, and partners who can provide insider information on career development, post-college opportunities, and getting ahead in foreign policy.
  • Free access to YPFP’s Job Board, which is tailored to jobs in foreign policy and international affairs and is the #1 hit on Google for “foreign policy jobs”.
  • YPFP’s monthly JobLink newsletter, which provides insight on specific issues and topics related to foreign policy careers and the job market.
  • Video content through YPFPtv, featuring leading foreign policy experts, officials, and influencers sharing their views on leadership and the future of foreign policy.
  • Access to select YPFP events in Washington, DC and New York.

Membership in the Future Professionals Tier is by application only. Any undergraduate student, regardless of degree, major, or concentration may apply. Acceptance is competitive and reserved for students that demonstrate a passion for global affairs and the potential to develop as a young leader in foreign policy.

Who is eligible for membership in the YPFP Future Professionals Tier?

YPFP’s Future Professionals Tier is tailored for college undergraduates who aspire to a career in foreign policy, international relations, and global affairs.

Do I have to live in Washington, D.C. or another branch city to be a member?

We encourage motivated and interested undergraduates from Washington, DC and New York to apply.

How can I apply?

You may apply in Washington and New York through the Apply page.

I’m a graduate student. Should I apply to the YPFP Future Professionals Tier?

No. Graduate students should apply to the Young Professionals Tier instead of the Future Professionals Tier.

Is payment required to join the YPFP Future Professional Tier?

Yes, Future Professionals must pay $20 annually for membership. Upon your graduation date, you will be eligible to upgrade your membership to the Young Professionals tier for only $30 (full price: $50).

Where does my money go?

Member dues support higher quality programming events, more networking opportunities for our members, a new and improved website, and better membership benefits.

Will my membership ever expire? Can it lapse?

Once you have been accepted as a member of YPFP and paid your membership dues, you will remain a member for twelve months. If you do not renew your dues after they expire, you will lose access to member only sections of the website and access to YPFP events.

Can I attend YPFP events as a student?

Yes! YPFP's Future Professionals have unfettered access to events in Washington, DC and exclusive access to digital programming.

 Professional dress is required for most events and Future Professionals must RSVP via the individual event webpage. 

Why Should I Join YPFP as a Future Professional?

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy is the premier organization for individuals around the globe who aspire to become the next generation’s foreign policy leaders. Membership in YPFP offers undergraduates an edge as they launch their careers by providing them with the resources and exposure to get their foot in the door of the foreign policy world.