Future of European Defence & Security

On 25-26 June 2015, Heads of States and Governments of the European Union will meet to evaluate the progress for the European Defence and Security Cooperation. Despite progress in certain areas, European defence cooperation has sometimes had to take a step back due to other urgent political priorities within the Union. With a new security environment crystallising, Europe will have to revisit its position on defence cooperation and discuss where the European cooperation in defence and security isheading. The seminar will follow up on the Council conclusions to discuss how Europe will move forward in regards to its Common Security and Defence Policy.The roundtable debate is hosted by Lars Adaktusson, MEP (EPP) together with the Saab EU Affairs and NATO Office. YPFP Brussels has been invited to contribute to the discussion and has exclusive access to the debate with 20 seats allocated to our members.

Please be aware, that only those members with a confirmation email will be admitted to the event.


-Mr. Gabor Iklody, Director for CMPD (Crisis Management and Planning) at the EEAS
-Mr. Magnus Lewis-Olsson who is the President for Market Area Europe, Middle East and Africa
-Mr. Peter Round, Director Capability, Armament & Technology, European Defence Agency
-Mr. Kristian Hedberg, Deputy Head of Cabinet for Commissioner Bienkowska

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July 14, 2015 at 12:30pm - 2pm
Nordic house
Rue du Luxembourg 3
8th floor
Brussels 1000
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