French Language

Co-Chair: Justin Margolis

The French Language Discussion group explores various topics and trends related to current in French. The aim is to offer fellow French speakers the opportunity to maintain and improve their French language skills through regular discussion meetings. Discussion topics are not limited to any particular thematic area but will focus on permitting members to expand their French language competency in a wide variety of subject matter areas (politics, culture, international development, etc.).  Members will be encouraged to propose discussion topics, and discussions may be based off of written or music/video material which will be provided to the group participants.

Cultural events

The group will, from time to time, organize meetings around various French Embassy, Alliance Français, Fête de la Francophonie, and African and European Film Festival events.

Membership Criteria 

  • Demonstrated proficiency speaking, listening, and reading the French language (Intermediate- Advanced levels) 
  • Ability to communicate comfortably in the language
  • Experience living or working in the region (can be substituted for extensive French language study)
  • Commitment to attending meetings on a regular basis
  • Willingness to engage in group discussions with participants of varying levels