Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program is an intensive ten-month fellowship designed to give future leaders in foreign policy the skills they will need to succeed throughout their careers. Fellows develop their expertise by writing regular articles for a variety of national and international media outlets, including The Huffington Post, The Diplomat, Business Insider, and many more. Fellows are recruited to write on either a specific region (Regional Fellowships) or a specific issue area (Thematic Fellowships).

Developing a Voice as a Foreign Policy Expert  

A core component of the Fellowship is building a portfolio of published work, which takes the form of op-eds, interviews, and book reviews. Before publication, all articles undergo an extensive process of revisions that is designed to help the Fellows craft accessible, effective, and concise arguments. With the support of the Fellowship Editorial Team, Fellows develop an engaging voice and improve their analytic skills that will help them engage in foreign policy discussions over the course of their careers.

Learning to Apply Expertise

Fellows also have access to a variety of exclusive opportunities and programming designed specifically for their benefit. The Program brings in speakers, and provides mentorship and professional development opportunities. Additionally, other groups within the broader YPFP community will turn to the Fellows for expertise and advice when designing relevant programming. The Fellowship class is a community, and holds regular happy hours and other social events. Graduating Fellows join a growing alumni community and go on to leverage their portfolio of published work and Fellowship experiences in their careers.



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Fellows Selection:

Candidates undergo a rigorous application process before acceptance into the Fellowship Program, including an op-ed writing evaluation and an in-person interview. Each fall, a set number of fellowships on predetermined topics become available to applicants. Fellow selection is based primarily on writing ability and demonstrated knowledge of and experience with the subject of the given Fellowship. Most Fellows possess a graduate degree and/or strong experience in their field.

Fellowship applications open in the fall and the hiring runs through December. Selected Fellows formally start on February 1st and their fellowship terms last through November. Be sure to check the Staff Openings page for new fellowship opportunities and application instructions.

The Fellowship Program is recruits Editors to join its elite Editorial Staff:

Fellowship Editors work closely with the Fellows to help them refine and publish articles in major online media outlets. Editors also benefit from the Fellowship Program’s full range of enrichment and development opportunities!

All 2017 Fellowship Positions are CLOSED.