Exciting Opportunity for YPFP Members - Get Published by Forbes

YPFP is launching a partnership with FORBES--and we urgently need your help!
The Bottom Line: Write something short. Write something brilliant. Get published on Forbes.com and help us elevate the value of your YPFP membership. It's that simple. Plus you'll be entered to win gifts from YPFP!
YPFP has a monumental opportunity to pilot a content campaign with Forbes. Your help on this campaign will determine whether YPFP gets to run regular content campaigns with Forbes. All interested YPFP members are asked to submit short, 150+ word answers to the questions listed below (scroll down). Questions are focused on foreign policy. Forbes editors will choose the best response(s) to be published to their 45 million viewers prior to Christmas (and just in time to make your family proud!).
First, you'll be featured on Forbes.com.
Second, YPFP is under consideration to be the first organization given access to an incredible mobile app that Forbes has developed. The app has the ability to provide all YPFP members with long overdue features including: a membership directory, a mobile events calendar, and virtual discussion groups. This is our pilot content call - If Forbes is impressed with the quality and quantity of responses from our membership of foreign policy leaders, we'll be given access to this incredible tool in early 2016.
Your participation is a win-win. You could be featured on Forbes.com and then get access features that will dramatically increase the value proposition of your own YPFP membership!
Third, you could win a prize (actually, two)! Our members will be entered into a raffle for a $50 Amazon gift card for every entry you submit (there are four topics, so you have four chances) and there will be a separate prize awarded for the best picture or infographic submitted (Forbes really loves these).
The Forbes content campaign starts NOW and ends at 11:59pm on Sunday, December 20.
How To Participate:
1.    Draft 150-300 word answers to the following Forbes Content Call Questions and/or submit pictures/infographics (images must include proper citations). Answer whichever question(s) you feel most passionate about, but we'd love it if you responded to all four topics. More entries means more opportunities to win!
2.    Email your responses to as many of the questions as you'd like to forbes@ypfp.org. Subject your email "YPFP Content Campaign Submission"

Forbes Content Call Questions:
1.    What would the Founding Fathers think of America's leadership in the world today? (Please be as pointed and specific as possible.)
2.    What is the best strategy for defeating ISIS?
3.    What is the best strategy for addressing China's territorial ambitions in the South China Sea?
4.    How would JFK handle Putin?
If you have any questions at all, shoot YPFP President JP Price a note (jarrel.price@ypfp.org). Thanks in advance for all of your thoughtful responses!

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the views of their employer or Young Professionals in Foreign Policy.

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