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In addition to our policy discussions, YPFP operates several focused series designed to provide a platform for more nuanced discussion of key foreign policy issues. Our series are open to YPFP members from various sectors and backgrounds not just members who work in these fields. Registration is required and can be restricted to level of membership.



Series By Location

Washington DC

  • W.P. Carey Distinguished Speaker Series
  • Hamre Lecture Series
  • Tools of the Trade Series
  • Embassy and Ambassador Series
  • 2030 Series
  • Power, Force and The State Series
  • Discussion Groups
  • Cultural Series
  • Global Development Series
  • Media & The Public Voice Series
  • Character in Leadership
  • Pub Quiz Series


  • Embassy and Ambassador Series
  • Tools of the Trade Series
  • Distinguished Speaker Series
  • 2030 Series


  • Embassy and Ambassador Series
  • Tools of the Trade Series
  • Pub Quiz Series
Series Descriptions

W.P. Carey Distinguished Speaker Series

The W.P. Carey Distinguished Speaker Series focuses on the insights and experiences of preeminent individuals in the field of foreign policy. The purpose of the series is twofold: first, to offer an unparalleled opportunity for a select group of young professionals to hear from leaders whose foreign policy decisions are shaping the world they will inherit; and second, to offer distinguished leaders an opportunity to share their insights on leadership and international statecraft with the next generation of emerging leaders who seek to follow in their footsteps.

Hamre Lecture Series

The Hamre Lecture Series features an annual lecture by dedicated public servants with an exemplary record of integrity and ethical leadership in national security decision making, and who are known for the mentorship that is vital to preserving these values. The series was named for Mr. John Hamre, the President and CEO of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, in recognition of Mr. Hamre's stewardship of the public trust between American citizens and the current and future leaders entrusted with protecting our security and interests while preserving our country's ideals.

Tools of the Trade Series

To help our members excel in their careers YPFP holds seminars to impart tangible knowledge and practical skills related to various foreign policy professions. These meetings often feature panels of speakers discussing a career path or technical subject. Some past sessions include a panel on the federal budget process featuring a Senate Budget Committee staffer, an official from the Office of Management and Budget and a lobbyist; a meeting on strategic communications featuring the White House associate director of communications and the communications director of a high profile senator; and information sessions at graduate schools such as the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies.

Embassy and Ambassador Series

The Embassy and Ambassador Series offers YPFP Members the opportunity to engage with the most distinguished diplomatic representatives. As a premier organization committed to mutual understanding and dialogue YPFP seeks to engage the diplomatic community on a number of issues related to U.S. foreign policy, international cooperation and public diplomacy through this highly successful series. Primarily off-the-record, discussions with an Ambassador typically take place at the relevant embassy, residence or cultural office.

2030 Series

Focus on the future issues and conflicts that today's young professionals will need to grapple with when they assume prominent foreign policy leadership roles. Events revolve around what current young professionals can expect in the coming years and decades and how to be adequately prepared to tackle those issues.

Power, Force and the State Series

This series attempts to provide members with a better understanding of the defense community and its role in the U.S. government interagency, policy community and defense industry.

Cultural Series

The Cultural Series aims to offer YPFP members a chance to learn about world cultures via food, film, music, art and drink.

Global Development Series

YPFP's Global Development Series focuses on topics in U.S. foreign policy related to global development such as food security, HIV/AIDS, poverty, sustainable energy, trade reform, corruption and governance, debt relief and sustainability. To ensure a balanced discourse we invite expert speakers from a variety of institutions including U.N. agencies, U.S. government agencies, developing countries, independent research institutions, the media and NGOs. We also host film screenings, roundtables and a variety of other events to cultivate thoughtful discussion.

Media and the Public Voice Series

This series focuses on foreign policy authors and journalists. Previous events have featured Claude Salhani of The Middle East Times; David Sanger of The New York Times; David Finkel, author of "The Good Soldiers" and reporter for The Washington Post; Eric Spiegel, author of "Energy Shift;" Ian Bremmer, author of "The Fat Tail: The Power of Political Knowledge for Strategic Investing" and may more.

Character in Leadership Series

Series details TBD.

Pub Quiz Series

The Pub Quiz Series offers an opportunity for YPFP members to socialize and network while showing off their knowledge of insignificant foreign policy trivia.