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YPFP London 2030 Series - Reconciling Nationalism and Globalisation

July 02, 2013 06:30 pm


Committee Room 7
House of Commons
SW1A 0AA London
United Kingdom

Given the British government's talk of a referendum on EU membership as well as dissatisfaction with austerity in EU member states, the future of the European Union has become an increasingly important and challenging issue.

Can we successfully reconcile the need for closer economic and fiscal integration of regional and global economies with the rise of nationalistic fervour and the desire to preserve sovereign independence?

Join us on 2nd July for the latest instalment of our 2030 Series, sponsored by EADS, where we will be interrogating the challenges of nationalism and the need for greater economic assimilation. The discussion will delve into the future UK-EU relationship and how the EU will evolve heading towards 2030.

Speaking on our panel are:

Jacqueline Minor, Head of Representation of the European Commission in the UK. She has responsibility for the UK Representation and the three Offices in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales' activities, and is the Commission Spokesperson in the UK. Jacqueline previously served as Director of the Consumer Policy Directorate as well as 16 years in the Directorate General for the Internal Market.

Jamie Bartlett, Head of the Violence and Extremism Programme, DEMOS. Jamie has recently completed a major comparative research project of the online support for right wing populist parties in 12 European countries, based on a new data set of 13,000 Facebook fans of these groups. Prior to working at DEMOS, Jamie was a research associate at the international humanitarian agency Islamic Relief and conducted field research in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Tim Hemmings, Head of the Future of Europe Department at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Duncan McCombie, Deputy Director for EU Strategy in the Cabinet Office.

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