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YPFP DC: Leadership Incubator Module: International Conflict Resolution

July 11, 2013 06:30 pm

We live in a day and age where violence is increasingly employed as a tactic in conflicts to achieve various goals. The ability to understand and evaluate diverse conflicts to determine their drivers and mitigators and the best method for transforming them peacefully is a fundamental skill for the foreign policy leader of the future. Whether navigating a crisis, analyzing a conflict, communicating with different cultures, or motivating communities to seek peaceful methods of reconciliation, your ability to think creatively and strategically to develop and employ a number of techniques for evaluating and transforming conflicts will determine success.

YPFP's immersive learning module on International Conflict Resolution will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate the clearest message to the relevant audience with the best chance of success. Participants will learn and hone conflict resolution skills through an intensive series of interactive workshops, discussions, and lectures. A set of videos, talks, and readings will give each participant a baseline of knowledge for the module.

Incubator Module Objectives:

The module will connect participants with academic, professional, practical career resources to help them understand international conflict resolution and how working towards a resolution impacts foreign policy issues.  Throughout a series of intense and immersive events, participants will:

  • Understand the foundational elements of international conflict resolution

  • Develop skills critical for international conflict resolution such as mediation

  • Use a menu of analytical tools for assessing causes and potential trajectories of deadly conflicts

  • Implement lessons in hands-on sessions

Application: Applications to participate in this first foundational incubator module are open from June 26 till July 8th at 5:00pm. To apply please press the RSVP button, above, fill out the application, and press continue. The RSVP button will not appear until you are logged in as a member. All applicants will be notified of their selection by July 9th.


  • July 11: Module Orientation

  • July 16: Introduction to Conflict Resolution

A Conversation with Daniel Serwer, Professor of Conflict Management, as well as a Senior Fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations

  • July 25: Skill: Conflict Assessment

A Workshop with Matthew Levinger, Director of the National Security Studies Program and Visiting Professor of International Affairs at George Washington University

  • August 1: Workshop: International Conflict Resolution Case Study

  • August 6 : Skill: Mediation

Skill training in mediation with Nathalie Al Zyoud, certified mediator and conflict management consultant and founder of Caring for Kaela with experience in track-II diplomatic efforts in Chad

  • Conclusion: Public Service Event: Refugees and conflict

We will facilitate the writing of refugees stories of living through conflict

*Attendance is required at all events. All events are scheduled from 6:30pm-8:00pm on weekdays.



This module is a two part series on international conflict resolution. The first module series focuses on the basic principles and skills of conflict resolution. The second series will be a multi-dimensional approach to conflict resolution focusing on the current conflict in Syria. The second conflict resolution module (focused on Syria) will begin in September. Participants in the first module will be given preference on the second module. If you are not participating in the first module, be on the lookout for when the applications open in the beginning of September.


Contact: For more information, please email: lyla.combs@ypfp.org


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