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YPFP DC: A Conversation with Her Excellency Marina Kaljurand, Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to the United States

June 19, 2013 06:30 pm


2131 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Embassy of Estonia
20008 Washington, DC
United States

This event will feature Ambassador Kaljurand and other key diplomats of the Estonian Embassy. It will highlight Ambassador Kaljurand’s experiences as a diplomat and the current state of Estonian-US relations. Guests will learn firsthand about the Estonia’s position in international relations, including UN, NATO and EU. The Ambassador will also provide insight into Estonia’s cultural position of being a Baltic state with strong Nordic ties. Guests will be invited to ask questions of the Ambassador and gain insight into her personal experience as a chief negotiator. This is a very exciting learning opportunity and we are thankful to the Estonian Embassy for making this possible.

Her Excellency Marina Kaljurand presented her credentials to President Barack Obama on September 8th, 2011. Additionally she is the current non-resident Ambassador to Canada and Mexico.

Prior to this posting she has served as the Undersecretary for Foreign Economic Relations and Development Aid (2008-2011), non-resident Ambassador to the Republic of Kazakhstan (2007-2011), Ambassador to the Russian Federation (2005-2008) and the non-resident Ambassador to the State of Israel (2004-2006).

Ambassador Kaljurand has engaged in many professional activities during her distinguished career in Foreign Service, some of which include: legal expert of the Governmental Delegation on the Agreement on Troops Withdraw between Estonia and Russian Federation (1992-1994); member of the Governmental Delegation for the negotiations on Land and Maritime Boundaries Agreements between Estonia and Russian Federation (1995-2005); member of Governmental Delegation in accession negotiations to the European Union, Head of Legal working Group of the Accession Treaty (2002-2004); and Chief Negotiator on Accession of Estonia to OECD (2008-2011).

Few members of the Foreign Service have had as much experience in directly handling nation changing negotiations as Ambassador Kaljurand. Throughout her career she oversaw the transition of her country from Soviet occupation to regaining full independence, and oversaw Estonia’s entry to NATO and the EU in 2004. 

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