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YPFP Brussels: The Thirteen Keys to the White House

October 04, 2012 07:00 pm


US Mission to the European Union
Boulevard du Regent 40
1000 Brussels


On the occasion of the first U.S. Presidential debate YPFP Brussels, in cooperation with the U.S.

Mission to the EU, is delighted to invite you to an evening discussion on the 2012 U.S. Presidential

election with Professor Allan J. Lichtman, distinguished history professor at the American University of

Washington, D.C..


Professor Lichtman will explain how - contrary to the pundits and pollsters - economics is not the

entire story of this presidential election. He will demonstrate, in fact, that foreign and military policy

will play a major role in deciding the outcome of the November contest. Moreover, Mitt Romney and

Barack Obama have different visions of the world that will shape importantly the foreign policies they

would follow during the next four years. The evening will also serve to analyse the first head-to-head

debate which takes place the night before.


Professor Lichtman is a political analyst who has provided commentary for a number of TV channels

and newspapers. He is best known for his books ‘The Thirteen Keys to the Presidency’ and ‘The Keys

to the White House’. In these books he presents a system of thirteen historical factors which he uses

to predict whether or not the popular vote in the election for President will be won by the incumbent

candidate. He will also give us an insight into the mechanics and politics of the U.S. presidential

election, the implications for Europe and – based on his own model for predicting the winner – “13

keys to the White House” – his prediction for the outcome of the elections having correctly predicted

the outcome of all US presidential elections since 1984.


So what are these keys? What kind of skills and attributes does it take to win the Presidential race?

Join us for what will be a lively and interactive discussion to find out!


The evening debate will end with a cocktail reception generously provided by the U.S. Mission to the



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