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YPFP Brussels: Changing Energy Scenarios - The Shale Gas Revolution: Blessing or a Curse?

July 02, 2013 07:00 pm


The US Mission to the EU
40 Regent Boulevard
1000 Brussels

WHAT: An evening debate, "Changing Energy Scenarios - The Shale Gas Revolution: Blessing or a Curse?"
WHEN: Tuesday 2 July 2013, 19:00-20:30, followed by drinks and networking reception
WHERE: The U.S. Mission to the EU, 40 Bd du Regent, 1000 Brussels
WHO: Everyone - Paying members of YPFP and non-members


Shale gas promises to be a game-changer in the world’s energy markets: it has been identified by leading policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic as a cleaner source of fuel, and an answer to security of supply issues.

Together with tight oil production, shale gas has put the U.S. on a path towards energy self-sufficiency in coming years. According to the International Energy Agency, North America will become a net oil exporter around 2030.  58% of the current U.S. trade deficit is because of energy, so this will have profound economic as well as national security impacts.   
In the EU, some see shale gas as a vehicle for Europe’s economic recovery. The UK has already warned that Europe cannot afford to be left behind in the race for shale as it could create jobs and a steady source of cheap energy. Others are not so sure about the impact of hydraulic fracturing.  Others are completely opposed to shale development, with one Green MEP even labelling shale a “Trojan horse”.

What is the real impact of shale? Could it alter the global energy market? Will the end consumer benefit by saving on energy bills? What effect will this energy revolution have on EU and US relations with hydrocarbon exporters like Russia and the Middle East? What are the risks posed by “fracking”? Does the EU have the right strategy on shale? Could a rush to shale production lead to a shale gas bubble?

Join us for a frank and open discussion on July 2nd in the premises of the US Mission to the EU. A high level panel will help us shed some light on the future energy scenarios.
We will have with us:
- Dale Eppler, Chief Energy, Environment, Science & Technology Unit, U.S. Mission to the EU
- Michael Schuetz, Policy Officer for Indigenous Fossil Fuels at DG Energy, European Commission
- Xavier Maasarani, Senior EU Affairs Manager at Shell International B.V.

The evening debate will end with a cocktail reception generously provided by the U.S. Mission to the EU.

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