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YPFP Brussels: Arctic event

January 24, 2013 07:00 pm


The U.S. Mission to the EU, 1000 Brussels

WHERE: US Mission to the EU
WHEN: Thursday 24 January
TIME: 19h00-20h30
Caroline Broun, officer for environment, science and technology at the US mission to the EU; Zuzanna Bieniuk, Arctic desk officer at the European External Action Service; Damien Degeorges, Founder of the Arctic Policy and Economic Forum; Barbro Hugaas, Security and defence officer at Mission of Norway to the European Union
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The shrinkage of the Arctic is opening unprecedented scenarios and international disputes as a new race to the North Pole starts. Unlike the heroic polar explorations filling the pages of the newspapers across two centuries in 1900, the current race resembles more a new gold rush. The Arctic powers and other big, global players face each other on the grounds of energy resources, international law, environmental concerns, militarization of the region and the rights of the indigenous population.


At this event we will ask the questions:

How does the future look like for the Arctic region?
How are the sovereignty issues likely to be settled in the coming years?


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