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Words & Wires: "War from the Ground up". An evening with Emile Simpson

November 12, 2013 07:00 pm


United Kingdom

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As a British infantry officer in the Royal Gurkhas, Emile Simpson completed three tours of Afghanistan. Drawing from that experience, War From The Ground Up offers a distinctive experience of contemporary armed conflict and how war has become an expression of politics by different means.

As the West's engagement in Afghanistan is drawing to a close, it is crucial to ask what has been learned from the experience. Emile Simpson offers far-reaching and erudite insights into the transformation of war from a neatly defined conflict between two armies into a messy battle for hearts and minds as well as cities and fields.

This is your unqiue opportunity to meet the author whose book has caused such a stir in foreign policy circles that he has been hailed as the "new Clausewitz"!

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