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Tools of the Trade: Political spin-doctors

March 31, 2014 07:00 pm

WHAT: Tools of the Trade: Political spin-doctors
WHEN: Monday 31 March, 19:00-20:30
WHERE: EuroCommerce, Avenue des Nerviens 85, 1040 Brussels
WHO: YPFP Members


With the European elections approaching, political parties are more than ever working on their image and political messaging to convince European citizens to vote for their candidates in May. To achieve these objectives, parties rely on the work of ""spin-doctors"". Spin-doctors, or experts in communication, are public relations professionals who try to forestall negative publicity by publicising a favourable interpretation of the words or actions of a political party.

In this Tools of the Trade workshop, YPFP members will be invited to learn about the way spin-doctors work and how they manage to communicate their political party's ideas and projects. Members will then be able to put into practice what they learnt during the presentation and put themselves into the spin-doctor's place.

This event will be led by Guillaume McLaughlin, who is the Head of Cabinet to Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE Group Leader. Prior to this, he was political advisor to Andrew Duff MEP and as such worked in the Convention on the Future of Europe as well as the Convention on the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Before working in the European Parliament, he spent three years at the European Policy Centre in Brussels, dealing with institutional issues and before that, 4 years at the Federal Trust in London, also focusing on European and institutional questions.

Please note:
A computer will randomly choose the participants from the paying members who have registered. A confirmation email will be sent out to each successful recipient and a waiting list will be created for the rest.
Out of respect towards our speakers we ask that you are to attend the full workshop. If you have other commitments that evening and plan to leave the event earlier, we ask you to kindly sign up for another workshop, where you are able to commit 100 percent of your time.
Nb. To offer a fair chance to other members wishing to participate in this series, the 25 participants of this Tools of the Trade event will be ineligible for our next event in the series. While we can never guarantee everyone a place, please make sure that you are applying for a workshop you wish to attend."

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