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A New Age of Nuclear Deterrence?

June 25, 2013 06:30 pm


1800 K Street NW 4th Floor Conference Room
20006 Washington, DC
United States

With North Korea shuffling towards a nuclear warhead and missile that might hit North America, Iran's nuclear program also moving forward and Russia and China upgrading their weaponry, is Cold War-style nuclear deterrence quietly coming back into fashion? What might that mean for a millennial generation that barely remembers the threat of global atomic warfare? In the 21st century, should we be more worried about rogue nukes as terrorists or the risks nation states might somehow in the world?


YPFP will host a panel discussion featuring:

Peter Apps, political risk correspondent, Reuters

Elbridge Colby, former DOD official and now nuclear specialist at the Centre for Naval Analyses

Lt Cmdr David Forman, military fellow, Centre for New American Security

Rebecca Gibbons, DOD contractor, Georgetown PhD student

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