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London 2030 Series sponsored by EADS: This is the News! The influence of Media and Communications in international politics

March 26, 2013 06:30 pm


Committee Room 16
House of Commons
SW1A 0AA London
United Kingdom

London 2030 Series sponsored by EADS: This is the News! The influence of Media and Communications in international politics

Recent world events (in particular North Africa and the Middle East) have fuelled speculation about the role of traditional mass media as well as communication technologies in shaping political events and cultures across the world.

Today’s foreign policy process includes blogs, apps, “the CNN effect”, popular culture, radio call-in shows, news magazines, podcasts, email, and TV packages offering hundreds of news channels. The ways and means of communicating have risen exponentially, driven by the growth of social networks. However, does the ubiquity of news indicate greater public awareness and understanding? Does the emergence of the ‘Global Village’ mean that international confusion and misperceptions are obsolete? Is there an emergence of the ‘citizen journalist’, and if so, is it the future of news reporting and the end of traditional journalism, as we know it? Is this a power shift that means Governments are no longer able to formulate, let alone control the foreign policy process?

YPFP invites you to join the revered panel to discuss how these issues and trends will empower or diffuse the ability of citizens, corporations and others to influence the foreign policy agenda.

Richard Galpin, World Affairs Correspondent, BBC

Richard has been the World Affairs correspondent since 2011, and travels frequently to the Middle East reporting on breaking news stories, most recently in Algeria to cover the February 2013 hostage crisis. Richard has reported extensively across the Middle East including Israel and Palestinian Territories, Libya, the Turkey/Syria border, as well as Russia and many parts of Western Europe. From 1994 to 2010, Richard was a foreign affairs correspondent starting in Bangladesh and ending in Russia, via Pakistan, Indonesia and Greece. Prior to this, Richard was a senior producer and editor at BBC World Service Radio.

Professor Steven Barnett, Westminster University

Steven Barnett is Professor of Communications at the University of Westminster and a prominent writer and commentator on media issues, specialising in media policy, broadcasting, regulation, and journalism ethics. He has acted as specialist adviser to the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications for the last five years, most recently for their inquiry into Investigative Journalism, and was twice called to give oral evidence to the Leveson inquiry. Over the last 25 years, he has advised a number of government and opposition spokespeople and given evidence to parliamentary committees and the European Parliament. He was for many years an Observer columnist and writes frequently for national and specialist press. His latest book The Rise and Fall of Television Journalism was published in November 2011.

David Henderson, Partner, RLM Finsbury Global Communications

Before joining in 2012, David worked for four years in 10 Downing Street. Specialising in economics, finance and foreign policy, David’s role included preparing Gordon Brown and then David Cameron every week for Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons. He coordinated advice for European Councils and acted as David Cameron’s Private Secretary. Prior to this, David spent two years in HM Treasury, first as the Principal Private Secretary in the Office of Government Commerce and then as Head of EU Competition, Regulation & Enterprise. Prior to that, David was a Special Adviser to Ministers in Australia on economics, education and the environment. David is a Vice Chair of Business for New Europe.

Eamonn Matthews, Founder and Managing Director of Quicksilver Media

Eamonn is an award winning filmmaker and TV Executive Producer. He started his career at the BBC and  seven years ago set up the independent production company Quicksilver Media, which specialises in current affairs documentaries for major UK and international broadcasters, and makes Channel 4’s foreign affairs series Unreported World.  Since forming Quicksilver, he’s twice been a winner of the Royal Television Society Award for international current affairs, has also won a BAFTA for his role as Executive Producer for the Channel 4 film on Beslan, and an EMMY for his work on the PBS/ Frontline/ Channel 4 production of the 2012 film Undercover Syria.

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