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Jane Bussmann Book Event: A Journey to the Dark Heart of Nameless Unspeakable Evil: Charities, Hollywood, Joseph Kony, and Other Abominations

April 25, 2014 06:30 pm

Please email dana.mann@ypfp.org to RSVP. Please also disregard the notation below saying this event is full.

Location: Room B12 at the Elliott School, 1957 E St. NW, Washington, DC

Please join us afterwards for a happy hour -- more details to follow

JANE BUSSMANN is a British comedy writer, performer, scriptwriter, journalist and foreign correspondent. She wrote for South Park, Brass Eye (the most controversial show in British TV history), Emmy-nominated Smack the Pony and over fifty programs for NBC, HBO, BBC and others. She has interviewed many people, from Hollywood celebrities to war criminals, for publications including The Huffington Post, The Times of London, and Glamour. She won Journalist of the Year in 1999 (AITO) for her report from Colombia and was nominated as Travel Writer of the Year in 2000 (Travelex) and 2004 (British Press Awards) for reports from Vietnam and Tornado Alley. She performed the award-winning stage adaptation of her recent book all around the world.

When Jane Bussmann - a talented English comedy writer and journalist, moved to LA, her day job was to interview celebrities like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears. The book opens with an interview with Ashton Kutcher as an example of her pointless career in Hollywood. During the search for a better purpose in her life she became interested in a handsome human-rights activist, John Prendergast, whom she admired for his work; she decided to travel to Uganda to interview him. The result of this adventure was the book A Journey to the Dark Heart of Nameless Unspeakable Evil: Charities, Hollywood, Joseph Kony, and Other Abominations, released in the U.K. under the title The Worst Date Ever. It is not a happy love story – when Bussmann arrived in Uganda, Prendergast had already left. Instead, she investigated the crimes of the Lord's Resistance Army and its leader Joseph Kony. The book is a mix of investigative reporting on the war and hilarious experiences in Uganda. 

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