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Big Data and Analytics: Leadership Incubator

September 19, 2013 10:15 am

At no time in history have technology and data had such a profound impact across sectors, geographies, and cultures. “Big data” is here to stay, and it can revolutionize how leaders understand, analyze, and solve critical global challenges from global business, to international development, to national security. But big data is no panacea. Nor is it widely understood: many young professionals lack the knowledge and skills to understand and apply data-­‐ and technology-­‐centric solutions to complex problems. YPFP believes that future foreign policy leaders must be equipped with a broad and granular understanding of data, the technologies that enable its utilization, and the systemization of these two assets to drive global progress.

Big  data,  data  analytics,  and  associated  technologies  are  increasingly  vital  to  addressing complex problems across sectors and disciplines. But many young professionals lack the knowledge and skills to understand and apply data-­‐ and technology-­‐centric solutions to these problems. Through this intensive and immersive learning module YPFP will provide you  with the knowledge, skills, exposure and relationships to understand and use big data as you continue on your journey to becoming a foreign policy leader of the future.


Through a series of intense and immersive events, participants will gain:


  • Learn the fundamentals of statistics and data management
  • Gain an awareness and understanding of data architecture, storage, structuring, and visualization
  • Build a conceptual foundation to understand the strategic implications of big data and associated technologies


  • Obtain fluency in the language and terminology used in data analytics
  • Gain basic ability to manage, interpret, and manipulate data
  • Acquire skills to know what data platforms to use in different situations


  • Interact with leading thinkers in the big data and analytics field
  • Discover the leading organizations and players in big data and analytics


  • Foster connections with industry leaders and peers
  • Develop lasting relationships with a select group of young professionals


List of Sessions:

Data Foundations: Statistics 101

Data Structure: Building Big Data

Data Utilization: Supporting Scientific Thinking

Data Visualization

How Data Drives Value

Data, Privacy & Civil Liberties: The Future of Disclosure

Big Data for the Next Generation

Data Skeptics: Questions Data Sets & Sourcing

The Future of Big Data and Foreign Policy


The cost of this module is $45. That cost covers all sessions, including demos of data platforms; a reading and resources packet; and a module reception.

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