Europe & Eurasia

Chair: Jonathan Meza

The aim of the Europe & Eurasia Discussion Group is to stimulate a robust and substantial dialogue among DG members on a topic of particular importance to YPFP. The group will discuss and analyze the important transatlantic issues of the day and seek solutions to long-term strategic challenges posed to the transatlantic relationship. Group members will be encouraged to contribute not only through their personal work and experiences but also through social media, blog posts, op-eds, and related projects, as applicable. The long-term goal for the group is ultimately to become a “known commodity” within the transatlantic community in Washington, DC and Brussels.

Discussion Topics

The Europe & Eurasia Discussion Group will focus on those issues at the heart of European and transatlantic affairs, including but not limited to, NATO, transatlantic trade and economic policy, institutions of the European Union, the Economic and Monetary Union, the future of the Euro, European Security and Defense policy, and EU-Eurasia relations. Of additional interest to this group will be the future of the European Union and its relations with its immediate neighbors, especially Russia, Turkey, and the FSU states. As the most integrated and important bilateral relationship in the world, a key component of EU – U.S. relations will be to address common areas of concern vis a vis third-countries, such as China, India, Brazil, and Turkey. This theme will be examined especially as the U.S. Administration continues its so-called Pivot towards Asia.

Membership Criteria

Europe & Eurasia Discussion Group members should currently be working and/or studying within the aforementioned topics. All members should contribute in a meaningful fashion, not only by attending as many meetings as possible but also by remaining active and engaged through discussion, questions, suggested topics and guest speakers, format, and improvements to the DG.