Director of Communications - Ploughshares Fund


Organization Information

Founded in 1981, Ploughshares Fund is a public grant-making foundation with the inspiring mission to reduce and ultimately eliminate the threat posed by nuclear weapons. Ploughshares Fund supports and partners with organizations working to promote peace and security initiatives in the United States and abroad. Awarding over $100 million dollars in grants to hundreds of people and organizations around the world, Ploughshares Fund has become one of the largest grant-making foundations in the U.S. creating solutions, driving policy, and building grassroots support for a world free from the dangers of nuclear weapons.

The organization leverages the impact of its grant-making with its own advocacy, connections, media profile, and leadership. It is at the hub of a network of the world's leading experts and advocates providing a unique combination of flexible funding, advocacy skills, decision-maker access, media visability, and policy expertise - all to make targeted investments for the greatest impact. 

Location -Washington, DC

Job Description 

Ploughshares Fund is seeking a Director of Communications who has a genuine passion for its mission and a real commitment to its growth plan. The new Director will be joining a highly impressive and credentialed staff, and must bring gravitas to this policy-focused and prestigious international environment, yet be nimble, innovative, and savvy when it comes to designing and deploying a communications strategy to attract new donors to its work.

The new Director of Communications will be joining Ploughshares Fund at a pivotal and exciting time. The organization is pursuing an ambitious growth plan and the Director will have the opportunity to further shape the brand and reputation of Ploughshares Fund as a credible and innovative leader in its field. Reporting to the Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer, and a member of the senior leadership team, the Director will oversee all aspects of the Communications department, with a primary focus on helping to grow the organization's community of donors and brand visibility.  

By setting and guiding the strategy for public-facing communications, the Director will help ensure that Ploughshares Fund continues to reach new audiences. Responsibilities include all public and media relations, content and publications, messaging strategies, and digital and social media. The Director will identify promotional opportunities and campaigns to increase visibility and develop new networks of stakeholders.

As an advisor to the President, Executive Director, & COO, and Brand Communications Commitee, the Director will seek to promote organizational leadership and other high profile supporters to their full capacity, including providing the necessary communications tools they will need to represent the organization effectively to a variety of donors and constituencies. 

As one of the key spokespersons for the organization, the Director will represent Ploughshares Fund during media relations events and public forums. Given the sensitive and political nature of the work, this position is also responsible for crafting and implementing crisis communications plans, including advising leadership during the course of such events.

Job Responsibilities

Designing an Innovative Communications Strategy 

An immediate priority for the new Director is to take the existing communications activities plan and develop a cutting edge strategy aligned with the organization's broader operational and fundraising priorities. This should include taking a fresh look at the structure of the communications function within Ploughshares Fund and a review of the resources required to implement future activities. Of particular importance is to ensure that communications is fully integrated and effectively operates cross-functionally, especially with programs and the development team.

Development & Fundraising Collaboration

Ploughshares Fund is undertaking an exciting and ambitious effort to grow its donor base over the next three years. Strong collaboration between Communications and Development will be paramount to this objective. The new Director will work in close partnership with the Development team to increase and maximize engagement with existing and prospective supporters of the organization's work. 

World Affairs 

With significant global efforts underway on major peace and security initiatives in 2015, especially the current diplomatic talks with Iran, the Director of Communications will need to quickly get up to speed on these matters, know how to leverage their highly visible nature, and devise appropriate media responses in realtime. 

Job Qualifications

Candidates should have a minimum of five years of experience in designing and managing successful, mission-driven communications programs with a strong emphasis on leveraging communications for marketing and fundraising purposes. An undergraduate degree in marketing, journalism, public relations, communications, English, or a related field, is required. 

Outstanding written, editing, and interpersonal skills are essential for the role, as is writing in a collaborative, professional environment. Candidates should have a demonstrated track record of defining, positioning, differentiating, and building strong brands. A deep commitment to and knowledge of both traditional and new media is required. 

How to Apply

To be considered, please go to http://candidates.waldronhr.com and submit your resume and a cover letter expressing your passion for the mission and fit for the role. Letters may be addressed to Jeff Waldron. 

Deadline - ASAP

Ploughshares Fund is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.