Chair: Jacob Breach

The Defense Discussion Group provides members with the opportunity to discuss topics of recent and enduring importance to the defense and national security field. Due to the complexity of this field, discussions will be wide-ranging, covering the full spectrum of conflict and competition among states and between states and non-state actors.

Topic areas may include regional, institutional, and conceptual issues such as:
- Regional security and security cooperation;
- The defense budget and authorities;
- The defense industrial base;
- Technology and the future of warfare;
- Irregular warfare, counterinsurgency, and stability operations;
- And many more.

Membership Criteria:
- Current or prior academic or professional involvement in the defense field.
- Interest in and knowledge of a variety of defense and national security topics.
- Commitment to regularly attend monthly meetings.
- Maintenance of familiarity with current events in defense and national security issues.
- Applicants are considered based on qualifications with additional regard given to diversity of perspectives and relevant professions

This group aims to be holistic and forward thinking in its discussions, so group members are expected to keep up with current events and come to meetings prepared to discuss the planned topic.