Cybersecurity Policy & Technology

Chair: Alan Carroll

As more information and human activities are integrated into the digital world, the security of cyberspace is becoming more and more critical – for the country’s national security, innovation, and privacy. Recent developments in this field have catapulted cybersecurity into the spotlight of media and national security policy discussion. Despite growing attention, cybersecurity still remains a nascent policy area where much work needs to be done.

YPFP’s Cybersecurity Policy & Technology Discussion Group is a valuable professional, intellectual, and personal resource for those interested in cybersecurity. The group will address a host of dynamic security issues in the cyber domain: cyber offense/defense, internet governance, privacy and civil liberties, international cooperation, legislative efforts, and grand cyber strategy. Group members are invited to share their individual expertise and knowledge, and are strongly encouraged to keep up with current events. The group strives to bring together a diverse group of young professionals from across public and private sectors with various levels of experiences related to cybersecurity.

Membership Criteria:

  • Current or prior professional or educational background in cybersecurity
  • Demonstrated interest in the topic and firm grasp of current events in the field
  • Ability to participate in virtual activity between meetings (a group discussion board or email conversations)
  • Committed to attending monthly meetings and being an active member
  • A positive attitude, sense of humor, and desire to get to know other members