Coordinator, Global Operations

Are you a motivated and creative individual looking to make a global impact? Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) is seeking a Coordinator to join the Global Operations department. This role helps spearhead YPFP's global growth and requires charismatic leaders with a creative and global mindset.

The GPI is one of YPFP's tent-pole initiatives, establishes an organizational goal of expanding into new cities and countries. The YPFP Ambassadors program is the primary way that YPFP identifies new, globally minded leaders in strategically important cities around the world. Ambassadors are chosen from the private, public, and civil sectors and are expected to further YPFP's mission of fostering the next generation of foreign policy leaders by providing young professionals with the knowledge, skills, exposure, and relationships to tackle critical global challenges over the course of their careers. Once identified, Ambassadors build local communities of YPFP members and connect the global membership of YPFP. The Global Operations team supports Ambassadors, with the tools necessary to conduct YPFP-branded events, form strategic partnerships with local organizations, build an online presence, and expand their communities over time to establish YPFP communities (hubs) and eventually new branches.

Position Description

The Coordinator assists the Director of Global Operations by helping to develop, manage, and support a team of Developers. The Developers roles focus on making/creating contacts in cities around the world who may be interested in taking part in the YPFP Ambassadors program . The Coordinator will also take initiative in contacting Universities (both domestic and abroad) and international organizations in an effort to grow our global presence and spread word about the Ambassadors program.

Roles & Responsibilities:

● Implement YPFP’s Global Presence Initiative strategy and support a team of individuals to meet the GPI goals set in coordination with Membership, Executives, and the Board of Directors
● Manage the GPI key performance indicators, provide data to Executives and Board of Directors regarding progress in hubs/activities
● Reach out to universities and international organizations to develop contacts and spread the word about YPFP, global membership, and the Ambassadors program.
● Support regular meetings and trainings for team individuals on GPI processes and expectations
● Serve as main point-of-contact for Ambassadors/ hubs and provide guidance on programming, marketing (social media strategy), membership outreach 
● Work with the rest of the Membership Center of Activity to create a strategy for YPFP’s Global Membership and tie this to the GPI goals
● Liaise with the rest of the Membership department and other YPFP functional areas to support the operations of the Ambassadors/hubs

Eligibility & Requirements:

● Current, dues-paying YPFP member
● The ability to dedicate at least 15 hours per week to YPFP
● Outstanding cross-cultural communication skills
● Self-motivated team player
● Global mindset and creative energy
● Prior experience leading a team
● Overseas experience in Africa, Southeast Asia, East Asia, or Eastern Europe
● Foreign language ability is a plus
● Must be able and willing to interact with YPFP members from all over the world in order to facilitate their fostering of YPFP in their city
● Experience with a start-up is a plus
● Must be able to explain YPFP's mission and how it works to potential Ambassadors
● Must be able to commit at least a year to the role