Content Manager

About YPFP

YPFP is a dynamic, nonpartisan organization that provides a platform for a new generation of internationally-minded leaders to tackle the most pressing global challenges. The organization is at a critical inflection point for growth and innovation, and primed for a motivated, creative, detail-oriented leader who is excited to champion transformational change and drive strong organizational performance.

Founded in 2004, YPFP has grown from a small startup to a global nonprofit 501(c)3 registered and headquartered in Washington, DC, with branches in New York, London, Brussels, and an expanding global presence around the world. YPFP has more than 17,000 young people engaged and reaches thousands more over social media.

About Communications

The Communications Department encompasses YPFP’s marketing, public relations, and social media teams. The Department addresses both day-to-day externally facing communication needs of the organization as well as long-term, cross-sectoral strategy.

The Opportunity

The Content Manager leads, plans, and manages strategy for all digital content creation as well as the day to day management of finding stories within YPFP to share with external audiences.

Key Responsibilities

  • Works across YPFP’s departments to discover stories about the organization and members that will add to YPFP’s brand externally, assisting with promoting of Discussion Groups, Events Fellowships, Charged Affairs and membership when needed.
  • Works with the branding/ marketing team to develop a strategy that will promote YPFP in line with the organization's mission.
  • Works with the PR team to make sure they have what content they need to sell press on the organization.
  • Works with YPFP’s graphic designers to ensure that all digital content has compelling graphics.
  • Works with the social media team manager to ensure that content is shared across platforms and assists with draft promotions on major initiatives.
  • Works with Newsletter editor to alert them of stories that would be best sent to all members.
  • Works with the Hubs Liaison to find out what is going on in branches and hubs around the world and which stories deserve to be told on YPFP’s broad communications platforms.
  • Works with web team to ensure the website is up to date with appropriate and fresh content.
  • Manages the team of Digital Copywriters who create the content we share on digital platforms.

Desirable Skills and Attributes

  • Excellent management skills, demonstrated leadership experience, a track record of personal initiative and detail-oriented project management, and proven ability to lead a volunteer team.
  • Excellent interpersonal and cross-organizational communications skills.
  • Professional experience in international affairs, public relations, strategic communications, and/or strategic planning is preferred.
  • Experience with social media and web writing required.
  • Experience with Hootsuite prefered but not required.  
  • Naturally curious and a keen interest in storytelling.
  • Passionate about the organization and the work that our staff/ members do.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Based in Washington, DC
  • Willing to commit 5-10 hours a week to the organization
  • Ability to meet twice a month for staff meetings

To Apply: Email recruiting@ypfp.org with your resume and a statement of interest (500 words or less).

Please note that all YPFP staff positions are unpaid and on a volunteer basis. You must be a dues-paying member to be offered a volunteer position.