Combating Terrorism

Discussion Group Chair: Ryan Young

The Combating Terrorism Discussion Group will explore methods that the United States and our allies can use to effectively respond to and proactively prepare for emerging and evolving terrorist threats. The group will analyze cross-disciplinary approaches that can be leveraged to combat terrorism holistically and will consider a range of topics. 

Sample Topics:

In addition to assessing current events that directly and indirectly relate to our counterterrorism efforts and national security, this group will likely address:

  • Pivot factors within the root causes of terrorism
  • The relationship between counterterrorism, privacy, and civil liberties 
  • The assessed contributions or failures of existing counterterrorism efforts in various regions 
  • The use of advanced technology (specifically Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to track and eliminate terrorist threats

This group aims to be solutions-focused and forward thinking in its discussions, so group members are expected to keep up with current events.  

Membership Criteria:

  • Demonstrated interest in counterterrorism strategies and policies
  • Professional or academic experience in the field of national security, counterterrorism, or related fields
  • Basic understanding of the most pressing terrorist threats
  • Commitment to attending monthly meetings on a regular basis
  • Willingness to keep up with current events related to national security and terrorist threats
  • Firm understanding that candid and valuable discussions require respect for different viewpoints and perspectives 
  • A positive attitude