Civil Military

Discussion Group Co-Chairs: Michael Bassett & Elaine Banner

Civil-Military Affairs, as the term implies, is extremely broad, and looks at how the military influences - and is influenced by - a nation's government, economy, culture, and overall society.  YPFP launched this discussion group to initiate a series of substantive discussions, and to create content regarding civil-military relations.  Subjects will be chosen by the group, and relate to current “hot topics” in the field of study.  While the US has the highest military expenditures by far, the group will be open to discussing civil military affairs in all regions and nations.

Sample Topics:

  • Civilian control of the military, and the role of a standing army in democracies 
  • “Culture gap” between the military and civilian society (e.g., voting trends, recruitment policies, reintegration of veterans into civilian life, etc.)
  •  Impact of the military on the economy and industry (i.e. the “military-industrial complex”)
  • Political unrest leading to attempted coup d'état
  • Role of the military in non-combative operations (e.g., creation of cyber unit; Agricultural Development Teams; building civilian infrastructure, etc.)

Membership Criteria:

  • Possess an active interest in the military as it relates to economy, public policy, and society.
  • Able to approach discussions objectively and with an open-mind.
  • Commit to researching topics to prepare for participation in the discussion group.
  • Partake in drafting and editing policy papers for inclusion on the YPFP blog.
  • Maintain current membership in YPFP.