Civil Community Assistance Affairs Department Manager - Hays Contractor to United Arab Emirates Government



Organization Information

Hays have recently been awarded an exclusive recruitment project and is proud to partner with a newly created governmental organization based in the United Arab Emirates. The organization will be instrumental in the development and implementation of National and Domestic affairs, having a direct impact on its governance.


Location - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Job Description

Working with and reporting to the Civilian Affairs Department Head, the job will be to will be to draft, review and update policies relating to Private sector for a newly established government organization based in the United Arab Emirates. As well as manage the development and drafting of the Memoranda of Understanding and other diplomatic documents (Letters of Intent, Agreements, Treaties, Conventions).


Job Qualifications  

You will need to be a detail aware manager to ensure development of policies, strategies and plans are accurate and aligned with the business objectives and deliver the expected result. High level communication skills are a must in order to liaise with related 3rd party organisations on the development and implementation of company policies. 


How to Apply

Email your CV to government.jobs@hays.com