Chinese Language

Chairs: Leowil Villanueva & Blaine Johnson

The Chinese Language Discussion group will explores various topics and trends related to the Chinese-speaking world, in Mandarin. The aim is to offer fellow Chinese speakers the opportunity to maintain and improve their Mandarin Language skills through regular meetings. Group topics will revolve around developments in the region such as the Chinese economy, Chinese foreign policy, Chinese domestic politics, the new administration’s China policy, Mandarin media and popular culture, and the interests of the group’s members.

Cultural events

Occasionally watch Mandarin-language films and attend related events in D.C., these are optional and separate from the regular meetings

Membership Criteria 

  • Demonstrated proficiency speaking, listening, and reading Mandarin Chinese (Intermediate-Advanced levels, i.e. minimum of three years of college-level Mandarin courses) 
  • Experience living or working in the region (can be substituted for extensive Mandarin language study)
  • Ability to communicate comfortably in the language on a diverse range of topics
  • HSK, DLPT or other proficiency test scores helpful, but not required
  • Commitment to attending meetings on a regular basis
  • Ability to discuss sensitive topics in a civil manner
  • Willingness to engage in group discussions with participants of varying levels