Chief of Staff

About YPFP

YPFP is a dynamic, nonpartisan organization that provides a platform for a new generation of internationally-minded leaders to tackle the most pressing global challenges. The organization is at a critical inflection point for growth and innovation, and primed for a motivated, creative, detail-oriented leader who is excited to champion transformational change and drive strong organizational performance.

Founded in 2004, YPFP has grown from a small startup to a global nonprofit 501(c)3 registered and headquartered in Washington, DC, with branches in New York, London, Brussels, and an expanding global presence around the world. YPFP has more than 17,000 young people engaged and reaches thousands more over social media.

The Opportunity

YPFP is looking for an action-oriented, entrepreneurial leader to ensure that YPFP runs smoothly and efficiently every day. The Chief of Staff (CoS) reports to the President and serves as the President’s deputy in charge of YPFP’s day-to-day operations. The CoS will have the pulse of what is happening at any given moment with all matters affecting the organization. This is an opportunity to hone executive managerial skills, overseeing and executing fast-paced operations of a nonprofit with global reach in a dynamic and complex operating environment.  This position requires running meetings and participating in conference calls with volunteers on weekday evenings and occasionally on weekends.

 The successful candidate will possess sound judgment, impeccable professionalism, and excellent communication skills. The CoS must also have exceptional interpersonal skills, displaying the right range of confidence, empathy, humility, and decisiveness. S/he must also be capable of initiating and following through on tough conversations, especially on topics such volunteer accountability, goal-setting, strategy, and organizational performance. S/he must also demonstrate strong project management skills, track multiple priorities, and provide expert guidance to the President.

Key Responsibilities

  • Directly manage YPFP volunteer team (more than 100 around the world)

  • Provide guidance and direction to volunteer staff, hold accountable for results, and ensure team alignment to strategy.

  • Manage branch leadership and performance as part of YPFP’s broader global operations strategy.

  • Produce persuasive, compelling, logical content - sometimes on a very short deadline - including slide decks, marketing materials, and communications that will enable the organization to be competitive in fundraising, sponsorship, and partnership building.

  • Drive business development initiatives including, but not limited to developing and overseeing the execution of membership campaigns, content development, and publishing, advertising, and special projects.

  • Manage monthly Profit & Loss (P&L) statements, and work closely with the President in preparing the annual budget proposal for the Board. Oversee day-to-day costs of the organization including, but not limited to: handling recurring costs (website, office space, etc) and approving one-off costs that come up throughout the year.

  • Coach and mentor senior volunteer staff to help foster a culture of innovation, accountability, professionalism, and learning across all volunteers.

  • Ensure consistency, quality, and mission alignment across YPFP’s activities and brand.

Desirable Skills and Attributes

  • Familiarity with international affairs and foreign policy.

  • Experience working with teams of various sizes, particular volunteers

  • Large-scale event planning experience

  • Familiarity with managing an organization’s budget, including preparing quarterly reports and other information to enable informed financial decisions

  • Experience with a membership-based, mission-driven organization

  • Graphic design and/or technology skills, including a basic understanding of HTML, are a plus.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Based in Washington, DC

  • Ability to perform 40+ hours per week on YPFP initiatives with availability to conduct regular meetings in the evening and on weekends

  • At least 5 years professional experience, including managing complex projects

  • Integrity and commitment to modeling and upholding YPFP’s values

  • Demonstrated ability to work in a dynamic, fast-paced, start-up style environment

  • Demonstrated initiative, excellent organizational skills, and strong attention to detail

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including an ability to deal effectively with key stakeholders (members, volunteers, partners, sponsors)

  • Excellent writing and communication skills; demonstrated ability to prepare diverse content (PPT decks, marketing materials, proposals, etc.) quickly

  • Integrity and commitment to modeling and upholding YPFP’s values

  • Travel less than 10%

Desired start date: February 1

Salary commensurate with experience

To Apply: Email apply@ypfp.org with your resume and a statement of interest that describes why you want to be the Chief of Staff of YPFP (500 words or less). You should submit your materials by December 30. Please email apply@ypfp.org with questions.