Chair, Global Communication Discussion Group (Research Department)

Chair, Discussion Groups, Global Communication  

YPFP’s Discussion Group Program provides an intimate forum for members to exchange ideas, express their views, and build their knowledge of critical foreign policy issues in a small group setting. The Program comprises regionally- and topically-focused Discussion Groups (DGs), each of which is composed of 12-40 members with significant interest and/or experience in the area under discussion. DGs allow members to learn, share new perspectives, and engage with a small, elite community of professionals who share a passion for a similar area of foreign policy.

The Global Communication Discussion Group is a roundtable meeting of professionals interested in the evolving and expanding field of public diplomacy -- beyond (but including) traditional diplomacy, the practice has evolved to encompass a wide range of industries, skills, and individuals. The group is interested in discussing strategic and cross-cultural communications, the expanding definition of diplomacy and global communication and how other fields (anthropology, sociology, etc.) can influence the field. Members also interested in social media usage and relationships between embassies and in-country populations.

 Position Description:

The DG Chair is also the principal advisor to YPFP’s Executive Leadership, Board of Directors, and Staff on any opportunities that come before YPFP linked to their DG’s region or topic. The DG Chair seeks opportunities to connect their groups with broader YPFP events and initiatives and to link their group with external organizations or activities in the broader foreign policy community. The ability to build an elite cadre of rising foreign policy leaders who are experts on a region or topic shape that group in creative ways. Chairmanship of a DG is a prestigious position that reflects an individual’s existing expertise in a topic or region, acknowledges the individual’s ability to build and manage a community, and places confidence in the individual to serve as an outstanding source of knowledge on a specific region or topic that they share with the broader YPFP community.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Determine membership criteria for the DG and process applicants on a timely basis (respond to emails within 48 hours)
  • Arrange meetings at least once every four to six weeks, provide guidance on topics for discussion, and distribute pre-meeting readings.
  • Send invitations and compile RSVPs. Send reminders to group about meeting times and other events around town the might be of interest to group members.
  • Encourage members to produce content, like blog posts for the YPFP website, or pitch an article idea based off of a debate during a meeting.
  • Maintain a social media presence for the discussion group including, but not limited to, a Twitter account and contributions to YPFP’s blog.
  • Work across YPFP to identify opportunities to co-host or co-sponsor General Member Programming events or other initiatives.
  • Provide speaker and topic recommendations to the Programming Department.
  • Serve as moderators at YPFP events on topics related to your DG.
  • Serve as the primary advisor to YPFP staff and members on the foreign policy region or topic that comprises your DG.
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate or partner with organizations and initiatives outside YPFP that would add value and provide opportunities for your DG or YPFP as a whole.


Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Available to hold monthly DG meetings and prepare materials and products before and after each meeting, as described above.
  • Demonstrate expertise and experience in the topic or region of the DG.
  • Outstanding organizational skills to enable consistent meetings.
  • Should have ideas for recruitment possibilities and meeting locations that are conducive to group needs.
  • Excellent communications skills, specifically the ability to convey complex information about the topic or region cogently and quickly to DG members, YPFP staff, and external audiences, as appropriate.
  • Clear leadership abilities; the capability to inspire others to engage intellectually in a subject, and the ability to motivate members to think about issues and questions in new ways and generate new insights and ideas about the topic or region.
  • Be a paying and active member of YPFP.
  • At least a one-year commitment.



  • The Chair must have the time to dedicate the program. He/she must generally dedicate 2-3 hours per week and 5-6 hours per week if an event is going on. The general YPFP policy for staff members is to respond to emails within 48 hours.
  • The Chair should be able to dedicate enough time to the program to ensure that the DG meets regularly, builds momentum, and cultivates new leadership for the program once they are ready to leave.
  • Chairs must engage with fellow DG chairs, members of the Research department, and other YPFP staff.

 To apply, please send your resume and statement of interest to recruiting@ypfp.org