Brussels Membership

Brussels Young Professional - $30

Members in the flagship tier of the organization, YPFP’s Young Professionals, enjoy exclusive access to a diverse array of professional, educational, and social opportunities. Eligible members include young professionals who are currently working in an in internationally-minded role or have demonstrated interest in pursuing a career related to global affairs and foreign policy.


Intern Package - $20

Introducing this six-month membership package targeted exclusively at interns/trainees in Brussels. With this package, the organisation wants to make it easier for them to join YPFP. Interns will be able to enjoy our network and make new contacts in the city, as well as participating to our key Brussels’ flagship Advisers Programme. The internship package will allow interns in Brussels to be a full members of YPFP Brussels during 6 months. If you enjoyed the experience, the intern/trainee can still renew is membership for the last 6 months with an additional $10.