Brussels Events

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 at 07:00 PM
Parc Léopold in Brussels, Belgium

YPFP Policy Picnic: Let's Talk About Transatlantic Relations

YPFP Brussels is happy to invite you to another policy picnic on Tuesday, 21 August, at 19.00 at Parc Léopold to talk about one of the hot topics kicking off the summer: U.S. President Trump's visit to our very own stomping grounds in Brussels. Feel free to bring friends, some snacks and drinks, and enjoy the evening!

The buzz that followed the NATO Summit on 11-12 July, that continued on to more security and defence topics in Helsinki on 15 June, is for many of us Brusselians slowly replaced by holidays far from the political heat.

For those of us in Brussels, a picnic conversation over beers and baguettes would be a great way to re-visit those eventful days and consider their aftermath on the transatlantic relationship.

Let's exchange ideas on the conclusions of this summers' NATO Summit, and the role that President Trump played in the Summit discussions. Let's talk about tweets, the 2% (or 4%) debates and burden sharing. Let's talk about how our respective views from Washington and Brussels on security and defence issues have changed in the last few months, and how those changes affect the relationship between Washington and Brussels now and in the future. Finally, in light of the U.S. mid-term elections coming up in November, let's talk about what President Trump's possible re-election means for the U.S. and for us.

We look forward to sharing our ideas and hearing your views on the Trump Administration's approach to Brussels and transatlantic security relations!

Monday, September 10, 2018 at 07:00 PM
Nordic House in Brussels, Belgium

Workshop: How do we get to a smart and innovative market for defence?

SAAB and YPFP are delighted to announce two events in 2018 dedicated to the latest developments on the prospects and EU policies shaping the future of an EU single market for defence. Our two events will consist of an engaging workshop and a follow-up panel discussion later this year. Overall, our events aims to create a platform for open discussion and reflection on the current and upcoming developments to European defence initiatives.

Workshop: How do we get to a smart and innovative market for defence?

This workshop is dedicated on considering the future of EU defence developments and possibility of building a single market for defence. We invite you to join us in a challenging and dynamic exercise, where you will be presented with a scenario to engage with some of the complex EU defence developments from different perspectives considering opportunities and challenges from the viewpoints of a fictional Ministry of Defence, a company, and a DG Defence.

This workshop aims to prepare you to critically engage with experts who will sit on the panel of our second event, which focuses on the next steps in EU defence developments, and the possibility of a Single Market for Defence.  

European defence policy and industry expert Dr. Daniel Fiott will give you feedback on your ideas, and support the workshop by describing the lessons learned from the exercise.

Please note: If you are looking for our upcoming event "Ambassador Series: Kingdom of the Netherlands" on 16 July, please click here.