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Speech at the YPFP Brussels Gala by D.H. Doyle

At our 2015 YPFP Brussels Gala, D.H. Doyle, Chair of YPFP Brussels' Advisory Committee and a former Executive Director, gave a poignant speech on the objectives and message of YPFP and on thoughtful leadership. 

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NATO: Hybrid of Alliance and Network?

A flagship initiative coming out of the NATO 2014 Wales Summit was the Alliance's Partnership Interoperability Platform. The Platform adds to NATO's longstanding partnership structures which allow the Alliance to cooperate with countries which cannot or will not join the Alliance. NATO seeks to deepen its partnerships by ensuring that troops as far afield as Sweden, New Zealand and Jordan can be deployed together with NATO forces. The Platform is a forum where NATO invites its partners to discuss and deepen interoperability initiatives.

In our events series "Action Points" we gave our members a chance to understand the workings of the Platform and how important it is for NATO to reach beyond the Alliance members. At the beginning of this workshop, members broadened their understanding of an Alliance many perceived in classical terms of territorial defence.

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Two reasons why the NATO Spearhead still matters

Earlier this year, YPFP Brussels, with the support of NATO, challenged our members to make concrete proposals for the best use of NATO’s expeditionary forces. The backdrop was the 2014 NATO Wales Summit where outgoing Secretary-General Rasmussen launched NATO's new spearhead force (VJTF – Very High Readiness Joint Task Force). NATO’s rapid response force dates back to 2006, but with the advent of the new VJTF significantly improved the Alliance's ability to intervene quickly in evolving security challenges.

A year into the Spearhead Force build-up we have seen significant steps made by the Alliance to reduce force response time, yet in the wake of terror threats and an ongoing Syrian civil war where NATO is playing a marginal role, pundits are again asking, what is the point of a VJTF if political will to deploy it is lacking? Håvard Sandvik, Director, Security and Defence Programming argues that the Spearhead helps NATO in two key ways, likely to reappear in the context of next year's Warsaw Summit. 


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For many of us, summer is the perfect time to catch-up on our reading lists that do not include memos, briefings or emails. Even President Obama unveiled the books that will keep him busy over the warm summer months. 

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Interview with Shari Cupido, Diplomat

On 16 June, YPFP Brussels will host it's first "Ambassador Series" with an African nation.  The South African Ambassador, Mxolisi Nkosi, will speak about "The Role of Youth in Development and Security in Southern Africa." On this occasion, Shari Cupido, a South African diplomat in Brussels spoke to us about her career path, lessons learned and what advice she gives to aspiring diplomats.

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How to become a female leader in politics?

As YPFP Brussels celebrated International Women's Day in March, we declared it to be the focus of our monthly content theme. Although more and more women take on various roles in foreign policy, gaps still remain. As part of the conversation and the debate, YPFP Brussels thought: what common traits do female leaders share? What unique traits do they have? To this end, a lighthearted approach was taken to identify the boxes that need to be checked, resulting in the infographic below. 

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YPFP Brussels ready to launch 4th edition of Advisers Programme

The Advisers Programme quickly became an established part of YPFP’s activities in Brussels. We have organised three cycles so far and are excited to launch the next (fourth) one in the coming days.

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European Defence Agency celebrates 10 years in yearbook, with YPFP Brussels Members contribution

Through our partnership with the European Defence Agency (EDA), YPFP Brussels was given the unique opportunity to write an article on the outlook of young professionals on the future of the security and defence sector. Our contribution was featured as part of EDA’s Anniversary book “10 Years of Working Together” alongside the thoughts and opinions of more than fifteen Prime Ministers, Ministers of Defence, CEOs, and leading researchers.

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YPFP Brussels speaker, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, becomes President of the Republic of Croatia

YPFP Brussels congratulates Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, a previous YPFP speaker, on becoming the first female President of the Republic of Croatia.


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Three reasons why drones are more instrumental in Iraq than in Syria

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), inspire opposition like hardly any other conventional weapons system. Armed UAVs - colloquially known as drones - are used in Syria and Iraq in the fight against the insurgent terrorist group, Islamic State (IS).

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