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Apply to win the YPFP Rising Star in Foreign Policy Award 2017

The Young Professionals in Foreign Policy Brussels branch is excited to launch our new award celebrating a Rising Star in Foreign Policy 2017!

Honouring an individual based in Belgium who has achieved outstanding work in the field of foreign policy in the past year, this is your chance to have your achievements celebrated in the heart of the EU and win some fantastic prizes.

The winner of the award will receive a EUR 6,000 scholarship for training at the prestigious ISPD Protocol & Diplomacy and a Visionary membership at ISPD+ Innovation in Diplomacy network, a cash prize and an annual YPFP membership. One runner-up will receive a one-day training with communications experts Clear Europe, as well as annual YPFP membership.

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Advisers' Programme Launch - Apply Now

The Advisers' Programme is YPFP’s flagship career development initiative intended to connect like-minded people at different stages in their career. Dedicated, accomplished individuals (Advisers) are paired up with motivated young professionals at an earlier stage in their career (Advisees).

The Advisers' Programme aims to help both partners focus on short and long term career development goals. Advisees and advisers are encouraged to set goals, meet regularly, draft career development plans and make the most of each other’s professional backgrounds.

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YPFP Brussels staff list

YPFP Brussels - Staff

Georgiana Dragomir, Executive Director

Georgiana is the Executive Director of YPFP Brussels. She leads the long-term planning and strategic development of the branch while overseeing and coordinating with the Programmes, Security and Defence, Membership and Communication teams. In addition, Georgiana represents the branch within the wider Brussels community. She is a strong supporter of multiculturalism, lifelong learning and of YFPF's mission to inform and strengthen the voices of young professionals across the globe.

Katie Low, Managing Director

Katie oversees the internal organisation of YPFP Brussels, coordinating staff management, training and development, and also collaborates with the Executive Director on strategic planning and liaison with YPFP’s other branches. She works in communications at the European Commission (and writes about ancient history in her spare time).


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Briefing from Intensive Training in Soft Skills Diplomacy at International School of Protocol Diplomacy (ISPD) Brussels (29 May – 1 June 2017)


Brussels has been my new home since the past few years when I moved here for work at the Council of the European Union, and ever since I have also remained as an YPFP-member. Since I also live within the EU-headquarters and often passed by ISPD’s building on my way to meetings, then I had often seen their offices and it had caught my attention a number of times. I had even into their website a few times, realising that the field of Protocol Diplomacy was very exciting and interesting, but for me time had not yet not been ripe to attend their trainings.

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Advisers' Programme Launch - Apply Today!

Send in your applications now! YPFP Brussels is launching the seventh edition of the Advisers' Programme, a peer-to-peer career development initiative where a dedicated, accomplished professional (Adviser) is assigned to a motivated peer who is at the beginning of his/her career (Advisee).

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YPFP App now online!!

Created by Forbes and powered by Tinder, the YPFP app gives YPFP the power to connect our members across 80 countries. The app can also get you published - Forbes will ask YPFP members their thoughts on hot foreign policy issues via the app and then the best responses will be published on Forbes.com!

Welcome to life with the power of YPFP’s network in the palm of your hand.

A few features you should be particularly excited about:

• Interactive directory of all YPFP members
• Dynamic newsfeed of content
• Mobile networking (YPFP QuickConnect) powered by Tinder
• Direct message friends, contacts, colleagues
• Mobile event calendar - never miss a YPFP event
• Exclusive opportunities to publish on Forbes.com
• Twitter and FB integration - push your posts to your social media accounts
• Your professional profile - make an impression in this exclusive, global, closed-circuit foreign policy community

How do you get started?

• Visit iTunes or the Android marketplace and download the YPFP app
• Login with the email address you use to access your ypfp account
• Initially click "Request a New Password" to get set up
• Build out your profile and get connected with YPFPers from all over the globe!

If you have any difficulties accessing the app, please email us at app@ypfp.org.

We’ll see you there!
YPFP Brussels’ Team

Ambassador Series 2017: Croatia

The 2017 Ambassador Series kicked off with an event hosted at the Croatian Permanent Representation to the EU featuring Ambassador Mato Skrabalo, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Agency.

During the event, a range of topics were discussed related to Croatia's priorities in the European Union, EU Enlargement, the Digital Single Market, and Energy Policy, and a Q&A session covered relations with Serbia, Brexit, the Eastern Partnership, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Following an engaging discussion with the Ambassador and his team, the 30 YPFP members present enjoyed a light reception accompanied by traditional Croatian wine.

Also, if you have an idea for an event or workshop, please contact brussels.programming@ypfp.org, they will be happy to listen to your ideas related to foreign policy! We look forward to seeing you at the next Ambassador Series event!

Photos from the event can be viewed on our facebook page


NATO’s decision-making process : Putting the consensus to the test of new cyber challenges

The North Atlantic Council is the central body of political decision-making within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Its 28 member States gather together, in an egalitarian circle, in order to take consensus-based decisions regarding the key-challenges faced by the Alliance.

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YPFP Autumn Volunteer Recruitment

YPFP Brussels is looking for motivated volunteers to join its team in a range of positions. All YPFP staff are professional volunteers. Volunteering is both a responsibility and an opportunity. YPFP offers skills development and training to its entire staff starting with an induction and regular, externally led staff training sessions. 

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Q&A with Karlijn Jans, YPFP Europe Fellow

We sat down with YPFP Europe Fellow, Karlijn Jans to ask about your experience in the YPFP Fellowship Program and how she developed such a strong interest in defense and security policy. 

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