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Advisers' Programme Launch - Apply Today!

Send in your applications now! YPFP Brussels is launching the seventh edition of the Advisers' Programme, a peer-to-peer career development initiative where a dedicated, accomplished professional (Adviser) is assigned to a motivated peer who is at the beginning of his/her career (Advisee).

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YPFP App now online!!

Created by Forbes and powered by Tinder, the YPFP app gives YPFP the power to connect our members across 80 countries. The app can also get you published - Forbes will ask YPFP members their thoughts on hot foreign policy issues via the app and then the best responses will be published on Forbes.com!

Welcome to life with the power of YPFP’s network in the palm of your hand.

A few features you should be particularly excited about:

• Interactive directory of all YPFP members
• Dynamic newsfeed of content
• Mobile networking (YPFP QuickConnect) powered by Tinder
• Direct message friends, contacts, colleagues
• Mobile event calendar - never miss a YPFP event
• Exclusive opportunities to publish on Forbes.com
• Twitter and FB integration - push your posts to your social media accounts
• Your professional profile - make an impression in this exclusive, global, closed-circuit foreign policy community

How do you get started?

• Visit iTunes or the Android marketplace and download the YPFP app
• Login with the email address you use to access your ypfp account
• Initially click "Request a New Password" to get set up
• Build out your profile and get connected with YPFPers from all over the globe!

If you have any difficulties accessing the app, please email us at app@ypfp.org.

We’ll see you there!
YPFP Brussels’ Team

Ambassador Series 2017: Croatia

The 2017 Ambassador Series kicked off with an event hosted at the Croatian Permanent Representation to the EU featuring Ambassador Mato Skrabalo, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Agency.

During the event, a range of topics were discussed related to Croatia's priorities in the European Union, EU Enlargement, the Digital Single Market, and Energy Policy, and a Q&A session covered relations with Serbia, Brexit, the Eastern Partnership, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Following an engaging discussion with the Ambassador and his team, the 30 YPFP members present enjoyed a light reception accompanied by traditional Croatian wine.

Also, if you have an idea for an event or workshop, please contact brussels.programming@ypfp.org, they will be happy to listen to your ideas related to foreign policy! We look forward to seeing you at the next Ambassador Series event!

Photos from the event can be viewed on our facebook page


NATO’s decision-making process : Putting the consensus to the test of new cyber challenges

The North Atlantic Council is the central body of political decision-making within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Its 28 member States gather together, in an egalitarian circle, in order to take consensus-based decisions regarding the key-challenges faced by the Alliance.

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YPFP Autumn Volunteer Recruitment

YPFP Brussels is looking for motivated volunteers to join its team in a range of positions. All YPFP staff are professional volunteers. Volunteering is both a responsibility and an opportunity. YPFP offers skills development and training to its entire staff starting with an induction and regular, externally led staff training sessions. 

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Q&A with Karlijn Jans, YPFP Europe Fellow

We sat down with YPFP Europe Fellow, Karlijn Jans to ask about your experience in the YPFP Fellowship Program and how she developed such a strong interest in defense and security policy. 

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12 month period of political turbulence awaits western world

By the time that the results of the German federal elections are announced in Autumn 2017, the political landscape of the western world could look remarkably different to how it does today. By then, there could have been changes of government in Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Germany and most likely new Presidents in place in France, and Austria and definitely in the United States, all of which could have huge implications for co-operation amongst some of the world's most important political and economic players. Populism, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment and the far-right will feature heavily in most, if not all of these elections, where the liberal political and economic order will be tested to the maximum. This should not come as a surprise.

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YPFP statement on the Brussels attacks

On the morning of 22 March, two terrorist attacks took place at the Brussels Zaventem Airport and one at Maalbeek station, a central Brussels metro stop. Our primary thoughts are with the victims and injured and their loved ones. YPFP as a global community stands united in condemning these coordinated attacks. Although YPFP is a non-partisan organization, we share a common position that violent attacks against civilians is utterly abhorrent.

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Europe continues to struggle with its response to the refugee crisis

Brexit is not the only issue on the lips of Brussels political elite as EU political leaders travel to Brussels for what is sure to be a memorable Council meeting. Also today, the European Council meets to assess the progress made towards the implementation of the decisions taken in reaction to the migrant crisis. After many high-level meetings with external partners, such as Turkey and the Balkan States, EU leaders remain in search for a common strategy. Complicating the issue – Turkish officials who should also have been in Brussels to discuss their contributions to prevent irregular migration, have cancelled their visit following last night’s terrorist attack in Ankara.

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Consultation and consensus: Decisions made at NATO

How would you react if you sat around the table of the North Atlantic Council and had to respond to a terrorist attack in one of the allied countries? This is the question we asked our members as they took part in the first every Brussels YPFP North Atlantic Council Simulation. The North Atlantic Council is NATO´s oldest and highest decision-making body, all decisions are reached through consensus. Rounding up our Action Points Series, generously supported by NATO, the Simulation aimed to immerse members in the trappings of decision-making and give them better insight into how the North Atlantic Alliance operates. Following the simulation our members came up with four takeaways on how decisions are made at NATO HQ.

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