"Liberty without security is fragile, but security without liberty is oppressive"

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How big data can solve complex problems in foreign policy “The fastest way to grow is to come up with a great idea,” said Alec Ross said in a presentation, as a part of the Big Data and Analytics incubator series. Mr. ... Read More »

The East’s Dilemma: The Power of Persuasion and the Importance of Influence

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Russian president Vladimir Putin once described the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 as the ‘greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.’ ... Read More »

A Perspective on Private Data

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Internet companies and government agencies possess a remarkable ability to collect reams of private data and communications. That  ... Read More »

YPFP and the Boren Forum Host First Partnership Series on U.S. Intelligence

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For three consecutive Mondays in August -- when most of Washington has fled the city for more temperate locales -- a group of 25 members of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) and the Boren Forum gathered in ... Read More »

Changing the way we think

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If all women had rights equal to those enjoyed by men, would there still be war? It is often said that it’s men who wage war and start conflicts but that it is women and children who are most affected by the ... Read More »

Still on Top

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Recently, the U.S. arms industry has enjoyed a string of banner years. So it was surprising to read Jonathan Caverley and Ethan Kapstein's claim that Washington has lost its dominance in the global arms market. Reports ... Read More »

Policy Implications of a Nuclear Iran for the United States

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Young Professionals in Foreign Policy’s Middle East Discussion Group (MEDG) held its monthly discussion in February on what a nuclear-armed Iran would mean for the United States. MEDG is comprised of academics, ... Read More »

A Night with Senator Chuck Hagel

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If you are a YPFP member and you haven’t had a chance to experience a W.P. Carey Distinguished Speaker event, do so soon. If you are not a ... Read More »