Blog: May, 2012

Foreign Policy Leader of the Future

Posted on [created] by (not verified) in Leadership
Tuesday May 22nd was a memorable night in the history of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, as the organization celebrated the past and future of YPFP, and new President Gary Barnabo launched the beginning of a ... Read More »

Is the US Economy Ready to Navigate the Asia Century?

Posted on [created] by jamiecirrito in Economics and Finance, Grand Strategy
For years the US has been unmatched in education and innovation. But the past 30 years of relative political stability in China has constituted a unique period in its modern history, providing China with the opportunity ... Read More »

The Cook's Dilemma

Posted on [created] by Nicholas Iorio in Politics and Society
With America’s “pivot” toward the Asia-Pacific region, President Obama announced an outline for a trans-pacific partnership that excludes those countries that do not “follow the rules” and signaled U.S. intent to rotate ... Read More »

Generational Views on Foreign Policy

Posted on [created] by Daniel Perez in Leadership
The Pew Research Center recently published an interesting report examining generational differences on key questions regarding foreign policy and ... Read More »