Blog: March, 2012

Millennials and the Evolving Work Schedule

Posted on [created] by Daniel Perez in Professional/Career Development
In this great post on Time Magazine’s website, we see a growing recognition in major news sources ... Read More »

How Millennials Can Create Global Systemic Change

Posted on [created] by Hila Mehr in Grand Strategy, Leadership
Our world doesn’t need people to hand out fish. It doesn’t need people to teach others how to fish. It needs people to change the fishing industry entirely. That was the resounding message at the ... Read More »

Policy Implications of a Nuclear Iran for the United States

Posted on [created] by Amanda Marie Riggs in Politics and Society, Security/Intelligence
Young Professionals in Foreign Policy’s Middle East Discussion Group (MEDG) held its monthly discussion in February on what a nuclear-armed Iran would mean for the United States. MEDG is comprised of academics, ... Read More »