Can Putin Resurrect Russia and Reassert it as a Global Power?

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Following the end of World War II, the Soviet Union under Russia’s control was considered the major power in Europe and Asia, rivaled in economic and military strength by only the U.S. However, since the Soviet Union’s ... Read More »

Unintended Consequences of Foreign Aid

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Bob Lupton, president of the non-profit FCS Urban Ministries, once wrote, “Give once and you elicit appreciation; give twice and you create anticipation; ... Read More »

EU should push for a transnational cyber security network

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Catherine Lefèvre, volunteer researcher at ISD London and Co-founder of, argues that the EU should take the lead in creating a transnational cyber security network. In our increasingly interconnected and ... Read More »

The Importance of Financial and Economic Literacy for Policy Makers

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The recent financial crisis brought to the fore many of the global interdependencies between government policies and capital markets that had previously been dismissed or overlooked. A report titled “Lessons of the ... Read More »

A new European security environment

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Writer Erika Brady considers how the confluence of history and technology has changed the European security environment, and calls for a multi-faceted response at the EU level The security challenges Europe faces in the ... Read More »

Venezuela: You are not alone.

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A reflection on expatriates and the international community; why we should care, and what we can do.   What began on February 12 as a peaceful student protest in Caracas, Venezuela ... Read More »

Growing Up in Tehran, I Have A Unique Take on Non-Proliferation

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I was born during the Iran-Iraq War and grew up in post-conflict Tehran. My childhood, despite being quite normal, was dominated by politics. With academic parents in the fields of ... Read More »

A Young Egyptian's Perspective on Non-Proliferation in the Middle East

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Immersing myself in nonproliferation studies has been a thrilling life journey. Growing up in Egypt, I realized early in life that I live in a highly volatile region, where war rhetoric and existential threats prevailed ... Read More »

Cultural Barriers to Economic Success for Women: The Importance of Research and Data

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As United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said in his address to the U.N. General Assembly in September, 2013,  “The equation is simple: When girls ... Read More »

Gross European Happiness: A Challenge for EU Policymakers in 2014

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At the end of January, the place to be for the political chic was the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. Politicians, economist and business leaders met to discuss myriad fundamental challenges to our future, from ... Read More »