The Pivot to India

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The US—India relationship is vital to America’s political and economic interests. A ... Read More »

Food Aid as Public Diplomacy

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Food aid is a hot topic in the world of foreign policy these days. Though the U.S. Government’s ... Read More »

Passive Communication is Poor Communication, Mr. President

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There's been no shortage of criticism of the Obama Administration's communication efforts during the president’s first term. They botched communicating the benefits of his signature piece of legislation, the Affordable ... Read More »

Replanting Grassroots Access

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The Obama Administration is known for their grassroots approach to politics. One of the campaign’s inherent strengths was their strategic approach to offering the public transparent ... Read More »

Social Media, Speculation, and Terrorism: a Double-Edged Sword in Boston

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Like many people throughout the United States, I was shocked and sickened by the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon. I recall telling a colleague the attack resembled the methods ... Read More »

Syria’s Silent War Crimes Call for Intervention

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Recent events in Syria raise concerns that the redline of chemical weapons use has been crossed, forcing the U.S. to reconsider intervening in the two-year civil war.  At this ... Read More »

Somalia’s Political Transition and USAID Forward Implementation

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YPFP's Africa Discussion Group recently held a discussion on Somalia’s political transition and the USAID Forward  ... Read More »

Countering Violent Extremism

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Last week, members of the Grand Strategy and Middle East Discussion Groups held a joint meeting where they discussed the lessons learned from countering violent extremism (CVE). Bidjan Nashat, a member of the Middle ... Read More »

Syria: To Intervene, or not to Intervene

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Sometimes you can’t beat The Onion for brutal, telling honesty: 'Syrians' Lives Are Worthless,' Obama Tells Daughters Before Kissing Them Goodnight That is not true, but in policy circles it feels like it may as well be ... Read More »

The Age of Austerity and Aid: EU Development Goals for 2030 and Beyond

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The European Union is the world’s largest aid donor. Naturally, it wants to set the international development agenda when the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expire in 2015. However, with the development budget ... Read More »