How Millennials Can Create Global Systemic Change

Posted on [created] by Hila Mehr in Grand Strategy, Leadership
Our world doesn’t need people to hand out fish. It doesn’t need people to teach others how to fish. It needs people to change the fishing industry entirely. That was the resounding message at the ... Read More »

From Harvard to Revolution - Facebook's Role in the Arab Spring

Posted on [created] by Adam Scheuer in Politics and Society
t is a cold and bleak winter’s evening in February 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A flurry of excitement sweeps through libraries and dorms on the Harvard College campus. Students in my sophomore class peer at each ... Read More »

Millenials – The Sleeping Giant is Waking Up

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According to the United Nations Populations Fund, 43% of the global population is comprised of young people ages 10 – 24; 60% live in developing countries. Yet, it seems as if those numbers matter little. Governments in ... Read More »

A Night with Senator Chuck Hagel

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If you are a YPFP member and you haven’t had a chance to experience a W.P. Carey Distinguished Speaker event, do so soon. If you are not a ... Read More »