Melinda Gates pondering: Are We Connected to Make Global Change?

By Zein Odeh
posted on October 3, 2013 in Other

There are many different concepts being discussed at the Social Good Summit. However there is one underlying theme that links all the big concepts together: “connectedness”.

Melinda Gates took the stage on Tuesday afternoon pondering and asking the audience a very important question: Are we connected to make a Global Change?  If you’re not, she urges that you start NOW.


Mrs. Gate was moved to take action for two reasons: 1) The statistics 2) Personal stories. The Gates family as she pointed out in her talk has always been moved by statistics and personal stories. She recognizes that today people are not necessarily moved by statistics. After all today’s society is constantly bombarded with stats, which has resulted in a society that has become immune to any number. The key according to Gates is that these numbers need to be backed my personal stories.


Mrs. Gates took action after a visit to Thailand where she visited and met with families who lived in dire poverty. It was only when she met families personally that she truly realized that we are all connected through our innate desire of  personal dreams, aspirations and needs. It was through her personal visits abroad and at home that her heart was moved and touched to take action. She knew that if she could share these stoires, other would too be inspired. She realized not everyone can hop on flight and meet or see other realities, however everyone can watch a video, read story or be moved by a photo. Mrs. Gates wants this generation to ponder the power technology can have to connect people with stories that will inspire people to take action. To illustrated her point she referred to examples such as

Donors Choose


People can chose an educational initiative/idea and help support a teacher in inner city school in North America.


Charity: water

People can learn and see how a well is built and notice the different it makes to a community.


Circle of 6

Women in development world can use this app to ensure their personal safety. Women can add 6 people to the app who can then track their GPS location. People who support such apps can see how such an initiative has the potential to reduce, even end Domestic violence.


Educators, parents, leaders, entrepreneurs and students all have a role to play in the solutions to our global problems.  Next time you tweet, update a status on Facebook or post a video, ask yourself: Are you using your  “connectedness” to create more Action?