The Importance of Financial and Economic Literacy for Policy Makers

By Milenko Sikljovan
posted on March 10, 2014 in , ,

The recent financial crisis brought to the fore many of the global interdependencies between government policies and capital markets that had previously been dismissed or overlooked. A report titled “Lessons of the Financial Crisis” by the Council of Foreign Relations argued that the crisis offered “a sobering lesson about the dangers of policies that fuel the rapid buildup of debt across the economy”. Back in 2010, Joseph Stiglitz in his book “Freefall”, argued that “the length of the [financial] crisis will depend on the policies pursued”.


Venezuela: You are not alone.

By Oriana Piña
posted on February 28, 2014 in ,
A reflection on expatriates and the international community; why we should care, and what we can do.

Gross European Happiness: A Challenge for EU Policymakers in 2014

By Jasper Bergink
posted on February 13, 2014 in , ,

At the end of January, the place to be for the political chic was the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. Politicians, economist and business leaders met to discuss myriad fundamental challenges to our future, from internet governance to global poverty.  The WEF also saw the presentation of a report on “Assessing Global Land Use: Balancing Consumption with Sustainable Supply.


"Liberty without security is fragile, but security without liberty is oppressive"

By Kalina Leiling
posted on January 29, 2014 in , ,

How big data can solve complex problems in foreign policy

“The fastest way to grow is to come up with a great idea,” said Alec Ross said in a presentation, as a part of the Big Data and Analytics incubator series. Mr. Ross is a former Senior Innovation Advisor for Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. He was invited as a Keynote Speaker in order to help future leaders understand the role of big data and innovation in developing foreign policy and crafting solutions to critical global challenges.


Social Good Summit 2013. Un quiet allusion immerge

By Gina Del Tito, @gdeltito
posted on September 23, 2013 in ,

Il est de trois heures dans le Social Good Summit 2013. Un quiet allusion immerge:



By Linwei Shao, @missteasz
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作为联合国基金会2013 Social Good Summit的国际代表,我在纽约曼哈顿参加为期三天的会议,与众多学者、企业家、国际组织对话:社交媒体如何在未来帮助解决公共性议题?

美国常驻联合国代表萨曼莎·鲍尔(Samantha Power)说,政府在新媒体时代对舆论的监控与对人权运动的压制更为激烈,新兴科技在拓宽公共话语空间的同时,也让政府能更为娴熟地操纵民意。这是社交媒体与反社交媒体的博弈,2030年社交媒体能否继续推动公民社会进程,让民主和人权力量得到发声,我们拭目以待。


RYOT NEWS: 让新闻不再成为“内流河”