ASSISTANT - TEMPORARY for the ALDE Group of the European Committee of the Regions-Brussels

Organisation information:
The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) is the political assembly which represents local and regional authorities of the European Union in the EU legislative process. The EU institutions consult the CoR on new proposals in areas which have an impact on local and regional authorities. The Members of the CoR are politicians who hold a mandate at local or regional level in their respective Member States, and within the CoR, they have organised themselves according to their political affiliation. The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) is an influential political group in the Committee of the Regions. Its members belong either to the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE Party) or to the European Democratic Party (EDP), or they are independent. The ALDE Group is seeking to recruit a dynamic and committed Events and Website Assistant. The authority empowered to conclude contracts of employment, in agreement with the President of the ALDE Group, has decided to open a selection procedure for this recruitment. The successful candidate will be awarded a temporary agent contract running for an indefinite period after successful completion of a six month probationary period. The basic salary at AST3 grade is currently 3.424,90 euros/month. The CoR can add certain allowances to this basic salary depending on personal circumstances, to be determined by the Individual rights service at the start of employment, in accordance with the Conditions of Employment of other Servants of the European Union.
Job description:
Qualified temporary agent with responsibility, under the authority of the President of the Group and the Group Secretary-General, to work as an Events and Website Assistant within the Secretariat ensuring primarily a good visibility of the ALDE Group and its members through events and via the website.
The successful candidate will work as part of the Secretariat of the ALDE Group, reporting directly to the ALDE Secretary General, and will be responsible for certain areas of work relating to ALDE Group activities, i.e.: – organising events (including the annual LeaDeRs Awards, the ALDE Open Days seminar, the external group seminar, the ALDE presence at the Open Doors Day, and other events co-organised with other partners such as from the European liberal family), liaising with members, speakers and participants, managing the execution of the events, and ensuring compliance with related administrative procedures; – managing the content side of Group Meetings, Extraordinary Group Meetings, and External Seminars (such as agendas, minutes, content of folders, liaison with speakers); – managing the website: uploading new content (regarding events, but also content generated by other colleagues, especially the Communications Assistant), ensuring the website is up to date and fully operational at all times, and revising its design where possible and necessary; Other duties can be added to this list in line with changing needs of the Group. The successful candidate will be expected to be pro-active and passionate, in particular about event management. In addition, he/she will assist all Group members in carrying out their duties and will contribute to the good functioning of the Secretariat, including assisting other colleagues, as required. He/she will also be required to maintain good working relations with counterparts in other political groups,within the Administration of the CoR, and within external organisations. Good diplomatic skills are therefore a requirement. The post of Events and Website Assistant in the ALDE Group Secretariat requires a high degree of availability (which may involve heavy meetings schedule, irregular working hours, and travel), flexibility, ability to adapt to a changing workload and to tight deadlines, and an ability to work as part of a team in an international environment.Under the art. 12(2) of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Union (CEOS).
Job qualifications:
Any or all of the following will be considered an advantage:  a diploma in event management; or in a closely related subject; experience working in local and/or regional politics;  experience working in or with an EU institution or body;  knowledge of Latvian or Lithuanian.
How to apply:
Applications must include a cover letter of no more than 3 pages in English or French, addressed to Sean O'Curneen, Secretary General, ALDE Group, European Committee of the Regions, expressing the candidate’s interest in the job and making reference, with examples where possible, to all the points in sections 3 and 4. The candidates shall specify how their working experience acquired previously might bring an added value to the ALDE Group. Applications must also include a detailed curriculum vitae (in English or French), a copy of diplomas, certificates and documents supporting the relevant points listed in sections 4.B.1 and 4.B.2 above. The application must be sent by email to ALDErecruitment@cor.europa.eu, making reference in the subject line to Recruitment Notice No COR/AST3/6/15 ALDE. The size of the email, including attachments, must not exceed 10MB, otherwise it will be automatically rejected. Candidates whose diplomas or employment-related documents are in a language which is not an official language of the EU should enclose a translation. The ALDE Group is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, disability, race, religion or sexual orientation.
Deadline for submitting applications: 05/06/2015.