Assistant Resume Bank Manager

JobLink's mission is to link our talented community of young professionals with opportunities within the fields of international affairs, foreign policy, and national security and to prepare our members to advance their careers by developing the professional skills necessary to compete in today's global job market.  JobLink is carrying out that mission with four components: The Job Board, The Resume Bank, Career Workshops and The JobLink Newsletter.  Will you be a part of the team that helps JobLink carry out this important mission for its members?

Position Description:

The Assistant Managers will work with the Manager on uploading information on to the Resume Bank while also making sure content is continuously updated to the Job Board.  The Assistant will also work on relations between YPFP and employers posting to the Resume Bank.  There will also be other opportunities to write for the JobLink Newsletter and identify great events for the JobLink Team.  The Assistant Manager will be expected to volunteer for a year and contribute at minimum five hours per week, specifically for uploading Resume Bank content.


  • Upload YPFP member resumes to the Resume Bank.
  • Work with employers to help explain and use the Resume Bank database. 
  • Work with the JobLink Newsletter Editor and Resume Bank Manager to create consistent terminology among YPFP member resumes and employers’ job openings.

Eligibility & Requirements:

  • Experience working on databases in professional, academic or volunteer settings.
  • Interest in working on resumes.
  • Need to be motivated and responsive to emails within 24 hours.
  • All staff must be current, active members of YPFP.

To join the staff of YPFP DC, please contact recruiting@ypfp.org with a letter of interest and resume. Please include the position title in the subject line.