Armchair Discussion with Ambassador Jalali - Afghanistan: Bridging the Past, Present and Future

Socially, culturally, geographically, politically or militarily, Afghanistan has had an extremely complex history that has proven difficult for any external actor to fully comprehend. For his part, Ambassador Ali Ahmad Jalali argues that the history of his country is largely a military history, outlining four major turning points that have led to the foundation of the modern Afghan state: the Anglo-Afghan wars, the Soviet invasion, the civil war and the rise of the Taliban, and the subsequent US war on terror.

To what extent can we explain the current situation in Afghanistan as a reflection or consequence of its past? How is the internal political, socio-economic, cultural and military situation in Afghanistan evolving? Is the current situation in continuity with historical wars pursued by both state and non-state actors in Afghanistan against different domestic and foreign enemies? And finally, can a viable future be built for Afghanistan?

If you want to discuss these questions and hear a unique standpoint on the topic, join us on Monday 22 May at the Press Club, where we will have the pleasure of welcoming Ambassador Ali Ahmad Jalali who will introduce us to the real Afghanistan, beyond the vision given to us by the media.

May 22, 2017 at 7pm - 8:30pm
Press Club
Rue Froissart 95
Brussels 1000
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