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YPFP Foreign Policy & Campaigns Module

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Overview:  Foreign policy issues have taken center stage in the 2016 campaign season, as turmoil in the Middle East, tension in the South China Sea, and terrorism at home have reminded Americans of the importance of international affairs. The YPFP Campaigns Module will investigate the intersection of U.S. presidential campaigns and foreign policy, considering how foreign policy impacts presidential elections and how presidential elections impact foreign policy.  The module will feature experts in international affairs and campaign politics to provide participants with a range of perspectives on the topic, from the salience of foreign policy in electoral outcomes to the process of building a coherent and compelling foreign policy platform.

The Campaigns & Foreign Policy module will begin March 1, 2016 and run consecutive Tuesday evenings from 6:30 pm-8:00 pm for five (5) weeks. The participant fee for this module is $45.00 and the sessions are open only to dues-paying YPFP members. Module participants will attend five tentatively outlined sessions, each focused on a specific theme related to foreign policy and the presidential election:

 Session I (March 1) – Overview: How does foreign policy matter to a campaign?

Session II (March 8) – Building a Foreign Policy Platform

Session III (March 15) - Campaign Foreign Policy: A Diplomat’s View

Session IV (March 22) – Leading Foreign Policy Issues for the 2016 Election

Session V (March 29) - The Transition: Translating Campaign Promises into Effective Policy

Upon completion of the module, participants will be savvy consumers of the foreign policy narratives promoted by campaigns (allowing them to more easily cut through the rhetoric and punditry), and better understand how foreign policy fits into the campaign cycle.  Ultimately these sessions will give module attendees the skills and keen analytical mindset to make them more marketable in the foreign policy/campaign fields. 


Criteria:    YPFP is looking for inquisitive, driven individuals who will be enthusiastic participants in the module. Ideal candidates will range from those looking to join a campaign in 2016 to those simply looking to develop a more nuanced understanding of the ways in which campaigns think about foreign policy issues. Candidates should be ready to learn from guest speakers and fellow participants, and be ready to engage in robust roundtable discussions to enhance their understanding of the interplay between foreign policy and campaign politics.

How to Apply:  YPFP module participants are selected by a competitive, application-based process and evaluated based on experience, skill-set and, most importantly, the ability to clearly articulate interest in the module topic. The YPFP Campaigns & Foreign Policy module has a fee $45 for 5 sequenced events guided by experienced industry leaders, campaign staff and advisers. Applications close at 11:59 p.m. February 18, 2016.

  1. Fill out the module application, HERE, or click the APPLY NOW link below.
  2. Receive confirmation of selection from module facilitator; Receive participant welcome packet
  3. Pay $45.00 module fee

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February 02, 2016 at 12pm - February 18, 2016
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