Action Points with NATO Deputy Secretary General Vershbow

NATO's European Allies are facing multiple threats to their security and integrity since the end of the Cold War. The conflict in Ukraine and fracture with Russia continues to destabilise the region, in spite of continued efforts to enforce the Minsk ceasefire. In the Middle East, Turkey has called on its fellow NATO Allies to aid in their fight against Da'esh, which threatens to unravel the geopolitical tapestry of the Middle East. Borders are being tested by the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. NATO plays a decisive role in ensuring collective security for all Allies. Faced by threats to the East and to the South, NATO does not have the luxury of choosing which challenges to focus on. The need for transatlantic leadership and cooperation is self-evident, so how can NATO best respond when instability is closer to our doorsteps than it has ever been?

Join YPFP and NATO Deputy Secretary-General Ambassador Alexander Vershbow as we discuss these and other challenges facing NATO and its Allies.

Ambassador Vershbow has a long track-record of public service, including as U.S. Ambassador and most recently as Assistant Secretary of Defence for International Security Affairs. Ambassador Vershbow is also a recipient of the State Department’s Distinguished Service Award.

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September 24, 2015 at 7pm - 9pm
Science 14 Atrium
Rue de la Science 14
Brussels 1000
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