Action Points: Join the North Atlantic Council (NAC)

Do you have what it takes to represent your country at NATO’s decision-making table? Will you be able to respond to crises as they occur, or will you let yourself be mired by the complexity of choice? YPFP Brussels invites you to put your skills to the test at our first ever simulation exercise. You will be put at the helm of a NATO ally, convening for a North Atlantic Council (NAC) session in Brussels.

Key to the success of the North Atlantic Alliance, NAC structures and procedures allow allies to effectively deal with threats as they arise. Still, the Alliance is a heterogeneous group of countries all with their own national security priorities and political circumstances to consider. The behind-the-scenes work at the Council is just as important as official talks. We will give you the chance to get a feel for the dynamics which govern the strongest military alliance the world has ever seen.

This year, YPFP and NATO have given you the chance to chew on how to implement key NATO priorities drawn from the 2014 Alliance Summit in Wales. We have discussed ways to work with partners and how to deploy NATO’s new spearhead force. Now get ready to put those ideas to the test at our pilot simulation exercise, kindly supported by the North Atlantic Alliance itself.

This event is for YPFP Members only.

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December 09, 2015 at 7pm - 9:30pm
Martin's Hotel Brussels
Boulevard Charlemagne 80
Brussels 1000
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