Project Adviser on Development and Trade at the Party of European Socialists (PES)

The Party of European Socialists (PES) is a European political party, which brings together
Socialist, Social Democratic, Democratic and Labour Parties of the European Union. There are
32 full member parties from the 28 EU member and Norway. In addition, there are eleven
associate and ten observer parties. Our office is based in Brussels.
The European Union must carry the universal principles of democracy, peace and respect for
human rights, including women’s and children’s rights. In a globalised and ever changing world,
with conflicts and growing inequalities, Europe must be a global player. We must build strong
alliances to respond to common challenges. We want Europe to have a strong voice and the
proper tools to lead in promoting peace, democracy, and shared prosperity throughout the
world. Trade and investment is needed to help the development of societies and economies
The fight against global imbalances, inequality and poverty is one of the main areas of attention
of the Party of European Socialists. We are an advocate for policy coherence 
for development
and for making the Millennium Development Goals and the UN post 2015 agenda a success. We
support fair and balanced international trade partnerships through which development is
promoted. However, more attention should be given to the quality of jobs, decent work and a
fair distribution of revenue. Together with international partners such as the Progressive
Alliance and SOLIDAR we are engaged in a decent jobs campaign to raise awareness through
common initiatives and conferences.
During 2015 the European Union and the United States of America will be negotiating a
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The Agreement shall
be composed of three key components: (a) market access, (b) regulatory issues and Non-Tariff
Barriers (NTBs), and (c) rules. All three components will be negotiated in parallel.
In the framework of the TTIP debate, the Party of European Socialists and European and
international partners will organize several events, conferences and exchanges on best
practices in order to prepare common positions and underline the urgency. the PES will
elaborate a coordinated strategy with member parties and organisations, taking into account
the FEPS research programme on TTIP, which has been launched with SOLIDAR, Policy
Network, Renner Institute and Jean Jaurès Foundation.
The Project Adviser on Development and Trade will support the ministerial meetings on Trade
and Development and the meetings of the PES development network. And will support relations
with international partners of the PES such as the Global Progressive Forum (GPF), the
Progressive Alliance (PA), Socialist International (SI) and SOLIDAR. The position has a policy as
well as an organisational component.
The PES aims to actively set the European agenda with clear social democratic ideas, investing
in effective cooperation with our member parties, the S&D group in the European Parliament,
EU Commissioners from our political family, FEPS and other partners. And to be a relevant
political and visible actor on the European level as well as on the national International level.
Job description:
Following developments in PES member parties, EU member states, at European level and
in European institutions on the fields of international trade and development policies and
Developing research and collecting best practices on the above mentioned issues;
Maintaining, developing and coordinating relations with relevant stakeholders in EU
institutions, PES member parties/organisations, the S&D group, GPF, PA, SI, SOLIDAR and
civil society organisations;
Drafting policy documents, position papers, speaking points, briefing notes, press releases
and reports from meetings;
Management and organisation of PES meetings, including the coordination of Trade and
Development ministerial meetings in various EU Member states;
Coordination of the PES development network, involving MEPs, members of national
parliaments, NGO and civil society representatives and external experts;
Preparing and assisting in the organisation of events, conferences and the exchange of best
Other tasks depending on the evolution of needs.
Your profile:
A commitment to the core values of the PES and political sensitivity;
University degree in a field relevant to the position (International studies, European studies,
international relations, European and/or international law, Environment and Climate
At least 3 years of relevant professional experience;
Solid knowledge of European decision-making, EU institutions and European politics;
Good understanding of relevant national politics;
Experiences in socialist or social democratic party structures and policies would be an asset;
Good understanding of the functioning of political parties;
Experiences in organising political meetings and conferences;
Advanced writing skills and analysis of policy and EU legislative documents;
Excellent spoken and written English and at least 1 other EU language;
A flexible team-player with a high degree of motivation and pro-activeness;
A good command of office IT skills and actively communicating the developments and
results through social media.
The project will initially run during one year, but may be extended.
The project adviser on International Trade and Development will be part of the PES secretariat
International Department team, and will be based in Brussels although occasional travelling will
be required.


Please send your application letter, accompanied by a detailed CV, to Marije Laffeber, PES
Deputy Secretary General, before
7 February 2015. Applications should be sent by e
-mail to
marije.laffeber@pes.eu with the subject: PROJECT ADVISER DEVELOPMENT AND TRADE
Candidates whose profiles best match the job description will be invited for an interview with a
view to filling the position as soon as possible.
The PES is an equal opportunities employ